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Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks | Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks |
21 Benefits of wrapping a car

21 Surprising Benefits of Wrapping a Car You Should Know

Most of us love to have a shiny new car with amazing features. People/businesses spend hundreds of dollars improving the appearance of the car and customizing it.

New paint, stickers, and so many other options are available to enhance the car’s beauty. If you are also obsessed with your car or want to use it perfectly, for your business, consider car wrapping!

Apart from giving it a new look, there are many other benefits of wrapping a car. While some like it simple and sober, others like the zing it adds to a car. With a new look, and not having to buy a new vehicle, car wrapping has its perks that will go a long way for you.

If you want to change the appearance of your car, you have a choice between wrapping it and simply painting it. Both options give you a chance to create a new look for the car, but they have some differences.

Read ahead to know all about car wrapping and its benefits-

What is Car Wrapping?

Vehicle wraps are big graphic designs or large vinyl decals to put on the exterior of the vehicle. It comes with specialty graphics added on them and resembles a lot like paint. Individuals would want to go for top-quality paintwork at a low cost. On the other hand, companies utilizes the benefits of wrapping a car by putting custom logos on their car.

The car wraps come in various sizes. Some are made to cover a specific part while most are geared to wrap the entire vehicle. Companies that deal with the imaging process usually make car wraps out of vinyl. The experts print colors, design, and put the graphics on the vinyl to suit the client’s needs.

Car wraps made on vinyl usually have an adhesive backing to put the wrap on the car. For the protection of the surface, professionals put a laminated coat on the wrap.

21 Benefits of Wrapping a Car

Traditionally, painting a vehicle was the only way to make it stand out. Vinyl vehicle wraps are currently a popular choice for both, individuals and organizations looking for a distinctive appearance.

You will learn how they are cost-effective, give a new look, have various design options, is easy for creative people, and many more. You may decide to get a car wrap shortly after learning about the many advantages it has over a conventional paint job.

1. Customizing benefit

Want a customized design for your car wrap? Customization is one of the best benefits of a car wrap. You have the chance to create designs of your own and get them wrapped easily. You can include a design on the window to give your car a fuller look or on the bonnet to make it stand out.

Change is the only constant, and people abide by that phrase. They love to get a customized look to have a content feeling. If you need changes, it can be done again, as the process of car wrapping is quite fast. Make sure you have clarity about designs or take help from online.

Some videos and blogs can help you understand customization. If you are still confused, ask an expert to help you out. Isn’t it a cool benefit of wrapping a car?

2. Requires minimal downtime

Who doesn’t like to get any work done fast? Among the many benefits of vinyl wrapping a car, minimum downtime is much liked by most people. Minimum downtime means the projected time to return to normalcy.

For car wrapping, since the work is done fast, it returns to normal function quite soon. It is because of this advantage that people love to choose car wrapping over paint jobs. If you choose car wraps, make sure that you schedule your plans according to the downtime phase. You don’t want to ruin your plans because of it, right?

3. Affordable

People want a car that looks good in every way possible. However, spending a large amount of money takes a tight spot. Choosing high-quality car wrap is still possible at a lower price because paint jobs are highly expensive. This makes it an ugly option in comparison to car wrapping.

An excellent paint job will cost double the amount making it the least preferred option, for individuals and companies. The low cost will benefit users in saving money and yet have a sleek look of a car. Also, paint jobs have high maintenance levels.

4. Protects your original paint

The paint on your car may worsen over time. Additionally, you’ll need to guard it against dents, corrosion, scratches, sun damage, and gravel. It’s a good idea to go for a vehicle wrap to protect the paint. You need a shield to preserve your car’s beauty and aesthetic appeal.

By protecting it from harm, you can avoid having to pay for expensive repairs. Among the many benefits of wrapping a car, protection from the original paint ranks among the major ones.

You won’t have to pay a technician to fix dents and scratch marks on your car. Car wrapping protects your prized automobile for the long term.

In the future, would you prefer to sell your car? Then protect it for the car’s higher value. Shield it from causing scuffs, scratches, and other defects. If you guard the original paint, it will be easy to change car wraps and raise the resale value of your car.

5. Looks cool

Car wraps get along with the recent trends. For many, their car is the most prized possession. They can go to any lengths to take care of it or ornament it. To gain a cool-looking car, car wrapping is one option.

It can accommodate many designs, textures, and colors. If you want a design inspired by movies or series, you can go ahead with that. What’s more? A cool car wrap will make you look cool and popular for sure!

6. Easy to upgrade

Need an upgrade on your car’s design and looks? Vehicle wrapping can do it with ease. Unlike paint jobs, vehicle wrapping can create sound changes. Upgraded adhesive, shine, designs, etc can be applied swiftly.

After all, who doesn’t like a new appearance of a car? A car wrap is a better option because some styles cannot be done via paint jobs since there is a low percentage of versatility, options, style, etc.

7. Easy to remove

Did you know that paint is extremely difficult to remove? When the experts take off the coat or restore a scraped panel, they have to use sanding devices. It takes hours to do so. There is an extra cost of chemicals used for removal and added mechanical work charges. Manual removal is hard and mechanically removing paint can cost your car.

In comparison, car wraps are quite easy and do not need a rigorous process to take them off. Removing car wraps just involves heating a decal. One just needs to peel it off by using a remover.

The removal would not damage the car unless the wrap has exceeded its time limit (up to 10 years). This is among the top benefits of wrapping a car.

8. No maintenance headache

If you go for a paint job, the maintenance is much higher than you expect. Usually, car owners use wax to guard the paint. They wash it regularly so that pollution, microparticles, and contaminants do not harm the paint. If it is not done regularly, the same would corrode the paint and form pores.

Cleaning and repainting protective layers regularly can be time-taking and financially consuming. Car wraps are a better choice because they don’t need as much upkeep as paint, making them a more desirable choice. Vinyl doesn’t have pores as paint does.

This would let impurities entrench themselves in the wrap; hence, washing your car would not be needed frequently. Maintaining it is cost-effective as well.

9. Increase resale value

When it comes to selling, high-quality wraps might help you retain your car’s worth; higher than the paint can. A car with its original manufacturer’s paint is quite valuable to many purchasers.

The paint of a vehicle might get damaged or cracked while its owner drives it around. The paint quality may also deteriorate and fade with exposure to the sun and other weather factors leading to lower resale value.

A vehicle wrap is ideal if you want to alter a car’s appearance while retaining the original paint job. The fact that a high-quality vehicle wrap will protect the paint and not harm it is worth giving it a try.

When you sell your vehicle, you can enjoy the benefits of wrapping a car, as it keeps it in good condition from when you initially covered it, raising the car’s resale value in contrast to damaged paint.

10. More design options are available

Car wraps provide several options to their buyers. When purchasing a car, you have limited design options to create an appeal. Individuals are stuck with a few options that they don’t like. With car wraps, people have the option to select different design varieties; this includes holographic effects too.

Some details are simple on vinyl but difficult on paint. You may match the precise scheme you desire for your car with custom vehicle wraps. Additionally, you may embellish a wrap with unique visuals to promote your brand, such as logos, and customized images.

With a vehicle wrap, you’ll have a new appearance for your car. It is faster and charges far less money while also having more alternatives to pick from.

11. Great marketing opportunity

If you are a business you might wonder why should I wrap my car. Let us give you a highly impactful answer. Vehicle wraps help you promote your company.

These wraps can feature logos, names, websites, and other information about your business. Besides vehicle wraps are advantageous for new businesses. You might employ this method to introduce prospects to your brand. Vehicle wraps are a valuable investment because of these advertising advantages.

You can entice people everywhere you go with attention-grabbing, vibrant images. Additionally, you may employ various car wraps to promote your firm. It would be easier to reach people and get their business if you used high-quality wrapping. Use one of these benefits of a car wrap to see higher sales.

12. Offers high ROI

Apart from good resale value, car wrapping presents a higher return on investment. Because of the finish and varied design options, there is better ROI. The amount invested for car wraps will give favorable gains for you.

If you have a business, having a promotional car wrap will be beneficial for the company as it will gain better brand recognition, sales, and leads. A well-branded car wrap improves the ROI of your marketing strategies. It has far-reaching advantages.

13. Available in varied colors and textures

A fun aspect of wrap designs is color and textures. Different textures and colors react differently to light, which can increase the level of drama or elegance of a car’s appearance.

Vinyl adds a completely new level to the charm of your car, whereas automotive paint gives essentially no textural alternatives. For colors, there are limited options if you choose paint jobs on cars. But with car wraps, the choices are endless.

14. Be creative with car wraps

When you have a chance to customize your car wraps, it’s time to be creative. You are presented with a blank canvas to fill in whatever you like.

Let your imaginations flow freely to obtain a beautiful-looking car. Today there are no set norms that a car should have only set patterns, colors, or designs.

So, why not use this opportunity to call out your inner artist? If you go for paints, getting creative isn’t much of an option because paint jobs won’t be able to include details accurately. See the benefits of vinyl wrapping your car becoming real in no time, and get creative!

15. It’s durable

The durability of car wraps outmatches paint jobs. You can be assured that your car wrap can last up to five years and more if maintained properly. It depends on the installation process as well. If it’s not installed meticulously, you will see signs of peeling off, wear and tear, and getting dirty.

When you are considering why should you wrap your car, ensure you get it done from a known source with a reputable image. The professionals will put it in a way that will last very long. As an owner, if you maintain it daily, it may last up to even ten years!

16. Increased visibility

As we have established before an attractive car wrap is hard to miss. Vehicles appear aesthetically pleasing and professional when the process of car wraps is done right.

Human nature is such that it is attracted to new things. This reason is enough to go for car wraps (whether for personal or professional use). Use this to gain visibility if you have promotional motives.

Make sure the letters can be read easily. Find the right balance for the audience. When it comes to the background and design logo, be sure to focus on the important things, so that audience doesn’t get distracted.

17. Generate more leads

Regardless of the size of your company, lead creation is an essential component of all businesses. Your business may focus its marketing efforts on a specific audience by using leads. Find a group of people who are more inclined to buy your product.

Even though most companies declare that they know lead generation tactics, few can use them profitably. If there is higher visibility, there will be better lead generation, leading to greater sales and brand image.

18. Develops brand recognition

You may have come across many people asking you “what does wrapping your car do”. They are clueless about the subject and are unaware of the importance of car wraps. It also plays an impactful role in creating a brand’s identity and recognition. Brand recognition happens in various ways. One way to impress the audience is through car wraps.

People on highways, parking lots, and streets will know about your work if you have the right logo design. With more public awareness, there will be greater interest and hence create larger brand recognition.

There are very few companies that strategically use branding. Make sure you ask marketing experts about placement, style, and design for better reach and recognition.

19. Reaching a wider audience

The audience reach depends on how far you travel, and where you travel. Driving on a deserted road will not give you audience reach.

A busy street with promotional car wrap will have great benefits. This is a flexible way to engage the audience by choosing specific geographic locations with a perfect marketing plan.

The potential reach also depends on the number of cars you wrap for every location. However, you use it, generally, the audience reach is high in a good position.

20. Take off and put it back again

One of the main benefits of wrapping your car is that vinyl car wraps can be removed whenever you. It will not harm the paint underneath.

Additionally, since car wraps are easily updated at any moment, company owners can easily change their branding or messaging.

Car aficionados may easily change the design on the exterior of their vehicles more regularly. As you already know, the process of car wrapping takes lesser time therefore taking off and putting it back will be fast.

21. Won’t fade over time!

The fact that car paint fades over time when exposed to UV radiation is a significant drawback. If you’ve ever noticed an older car with peels and cracking paint, you can partially blame the UV rays.

But don’t worry about UV rays wrecking your day if you choose vinyl. The laminate is wrapped around the vinyl, which is rather thick. This shields it from any harmful impacts that the sun could have.

How Does One Install A Car Wrap?

Going for car wraps can be quite tricky and cumbersome. While people can order lovely car wraps online, know that they can be extremely awful in quality and may hamper the fitting.

That’s why it’s better to leave it to the professionals. With their better understanding, they do the work flawlessly.

To your knowledge, the car wrapping process starts in a few simple steps-

  1. Choose the right design, color, style, and texture to wrap– You have endless options for colors, textures, style, and design. Choose the one that suits your requirements.
  2. Decide whether you want full car wrap or partial– Depending on your needs, choose between full or partial car wrap. Both have distinct car wrap benefits. While one can be installed in specific areas of the car, the other one is used on the whole car.
  3. Accurate measurements– To get a perfect car wrap, the experts will need exact specs of the car’s make and model. Some suppliers base the measurements only on the registration number. But it’s good to double-check the measurements because sizes differ from one model to another.
  4. The print– After choosing your wrap, the manufacturer prints before lamination. To have long-lasting protection, the experts put a special coating to ensure that the wrap doesn’t fade when it is exposed to a few elements.
  5. Application– When you are done with the print, the process of application starts. An individual can do it themselves, but it’s better to involve an expert for a better finishing touch. Whoever applies the wrap, this is how it’s done-
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the car.
  • Use water spray and a special solvent before wrapping it.
  • Remove the backing of your wrap to reveal the adhesive.
  • Apply an application fluid to the vinyl.
  • Align the wrap carefully using a plastic blade with a rubber edge.
  • Check for air bubbles and smoothen the layer.

After doing the final checks, reap the benefits of car wraps and enjoy a good ride!

What Are The Different Types Of Car Wrapping?

When you are considering car wrapping, you must its various types. The information helps you to decide which one you would like to choose.

Vinyl, or PVC, is the most common material used to make car wraps. The service for covering vehicles is quite helpful. Regardless of the style of wrap you choose, the car wrapping service can provide you with numerous benefits. This service is quite affordable. The wrap lasts a very long time and is simple to remove.

Additionally, it can save a car’s original paint job. The following list includes a few popular car wrap styles.

1. Clear/Transparent

This is a type of car wrapping that is used for protecting and retaining the original car color. If you love your car and are not ready to change the color, then considering these types, will give you peace of mind.

2. Glossy wrap

Glossy car wrap might imitate vintage and authentic automotive paint. This kind of wrap provides a much smoother surface. You can get it in a variety of colors and with or without metallic flakes.

A glossy car cover may completely transform the appearance of your vehicle. Your car may look better as a result. Therefore this is your best option if you want to give your automobile a shiny appearance.

3. Matte wrap

The opposite of a glossy car wrap is a matte wrap. The name suggests the meaning. A matte finish has some benefits of vehicle wraps. It provides a classic look, and the lights do not reflect on such a surface. Matte finish is uncommon and can create several textures and designs.

The unique style is what individuals love about matte finish. If you don’t like a sparkly and shiny look, you can easily go for this option.

4. Brushed car wrap

Brushed automobile wraps have two categories. They include car wraps with brushed material and brushed texture.

Both are special. In contrast to the second, a brushed-textured car wrap gives your car a more natural appearance because it lacks a crisp reflection. Installing a brushed wrap is far simpler. Your car may get a new appearance that would be beneficial for promotional purposes.

5. Satin wrap

This one can be called a semi-glossy wrap as well. It is because the lights reflect the surface but it’s not a proper reflection. There is some glossiness in satin wraps compared to the matte finish.

It gives a professional look and can be used for advertisement. It provides a sleek layout and is the best choice for any purpose. Try the satin wrap and experiment. The best part- it would not pinch the pocket much.

6. Full wrap

The name explains itself. By full wrap, it means that your design will cover the whole car with fascinating designs of your choice. With different themes and colors, you have limitless choices.

Full wrap costs much lesser than full paint plus, it revamps the whole vehicle. Such a wrap can attract people from far away than a partial car wrap. One can use this wrap for personal or promotional interests.

7. Partial wrap

Partial car wrap lets you use a small portion of your car or vehicle. This type of wrap will be less attractive than others. It can be used for subtle advertising or to promote any services. The benefits of car wraps would be effective and also cost lesser than a full wrap. In partial wraps, you need to plan the location of the decal.

For example, putting a wrap on the roof side would not do any good. No human will be able to see it unless they fly a plane at a low height. So, use a sensible location where people can see. Car doors, bumpers, and bonnets are great places.

8. Custom and advertising wraps

These wraps are based on your creativity. You can explore wide ideas and choose the custom prints or imageries you would like to apply to your car. You can also opt for advertising prints. The choice is yours.

These were some of the car wrap types that have their separate unique quality. Choose the most suitable one and get it done by a trusted company or expert for an excellent finish.

Does Car Wrap Help In Advertising?

You may ask yourself “is wrapping your car good?”. Well, vehicle wrapping is a relatively simple form of advertising. A laminate may be customized with pictures, text, and other details before being applied to the car.

It is a difficult procedure. This is because not only does the wrap need to look beautiful after it is finished, but it also needs to sustain the weather and temperature changes. People can wrap cars, big trucks, vans, and even vessels for advertising.

There are benefits of wrapping your car for advertising purposes. Some of them are as follows-

1. Friendly and effortless

You can look forward to consumer-friendly advertising and that too in an effortless manner. By effortless we mean not having to go an extra mile for advertising- you can park the car for days and it will still get exposure.

People may reach out to that parked car for something they have been searching for. This is a consumer-friendly promotion.

2. Unmissable

There is the publicity of a business all over the town, which is hard to miss. By roaming around, people will notice the car wrap and become aware of the name of the company. And that is what matters in marketing. They can search for the name online for more information leading to greater audience reach.

3. Less aggressive

Another reason for wrapping your car for advertising purposes is that it’s a less aggressive way of advertising. No one wants to constantly be haggled with frequent pop-ups, or loud commercials.

Car wraps are a good way to make a brand seen (brand recognition). It’s an unobtrusive way and efficient too. People will be pleased by such an approach and hence, would be more curious about the business.

4. You own it

Such advertising is entirely your own. It is unlike the conventional print media or billboards that require one particular space, and then the contract expires.

With vehicle wraps, you have complete control over the advertisement’s look, size, and location. Besides no competitor can take over your car.

Is It More Cost-Effective To Have A Car Wrapped Than Painted?

A car’s persona plays a vital role for individuals and their surroundings. Bold hues and cutting-edge patterns create a strong statement. You can carry it with you everywhere you go. Therefore, it leaves a lasting impact on a large number of people.

We become accustomed to seeing the same colors repeatedly since mass-produced cars only come in a small number of color options. Whether for ourselves or business, we switch things up because we want attention.

Here we will let you know which option is better for your car:

1. Vinyl Wrap

Custom-fit decals are applied to specific areas of the car’s body to change the vehicle’s look. Each component is placed with care, and then one heats the glue to solidify the bond to the car’s body. Remove the decals to restore the car’s original color without altering the paint itself.

Improve the graphic displays beyond the basic glossy look with chrome metallic color, gradient color, or a subtle matte hue. To make the appearance uniquely yours, you may personalize the decals in any way you wish.

2. Paint Job

Paint jobs could modify the overall color of the car or restore the original paint on the body. The body is thoroughly cleaned, degreased, and then sanded. The surface has to be cleaned once more before painting. The experts then use a sprayer tool to apply one color uniformly on the surface.

They give the body a clear coat after each coat has been applied and cured. A new coat of paint may restore a car’s appearance to its original form. Paint treatments retain the original appearance of high-end and collector cars, preserving their authenticity.

Which one to choose?

As we have mentioned about the benefits of car wraps, you have all the reasons to choose car wraps over paint jobs. Paints take far more time, are expensive, have limited design options, and cannot be customized easily.

With better technology, car wraps give the feel of the paint job. We suggest you go for all the benefits of vinyl wrapping your car, whether for promotional use or personal.

An Exclusive Car Wrap Service- Give It A Try!

In the end, you might think is wrapping your car worth it? We would say yes, it is. Whether you use it to advertise your business or just want your car to get a new look, car wrapping is a great way to do so.

If you are looking to wrap your car, Tampa Clothing is one such company that will do it for you. The company specializes in t-shirt design, car wrapping, logo designs, and logo revamps. The experts will give you the best advice and deliver a product that will exceed your expectations.

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