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37 Company Swag ideas To Stand out in 2023

37 Company Swag Ideas To Stand Out In 2023

Are you looking for some fresh ideas to revamp your company’s swag game and stand out in 2023? While there are so many businesses constantly competing for attention, it’s crucial to make a lasting impression on your employees, and clients. And what’s better than creating some buzz around your brand with some creative and quirky swag items?

Nowadays, people expect more than just a mug or a T-shirt. They want something more stylish, aesthetic, and functional…something they can enjoy while using. You can now paste your brand name on any items you want to help your staff, and clients become your brand ambassadors.

In this fast-paced era of digital marketing, although businesses are more inclined towards online brand promotional ideas, these offline strategies are becoming popular marketing gimmicks.

So, let’s explore some cool swag for employees that will help you make a statement in the market. Whether you are bracing yourself for a big event, trying to improve client relationships, or looking forward to boosting employee morale, we have got this covered.

In this guide, apart from the best company swag ideas, we have shed light on much more aspects including the importance of company swags, tips to choose effective and best swag ideas, ways to distribute branded swag, and so on.

So, let’s dive in and see what’s in store for 2023!!!

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What Is A Company Swag?

Company swag is one of your most high-value marketing tools when it comes to promoting your business. Often identified as corporate goodies or freebies, these products are promotional items that you hand out during promotional campaigns.

You can give these swags to potential clients, suppliers, or employees to extend your brand recognition. You can also use unique swag ideas to tap into new markets.

Marketing departments and sales teams love these company swag ideas as you can use them in so many ways to augment brand value and boost sales. When it comes to choosing some cool company swag ideas, the options are endless in number. This means you can easily align your brand with any swag of your choice.

Consumers and employees tend to remember your brand when they see your company logo or name printed on things of everyday usage. It’s linked to the psychological theories of recall and recognition. Hence, if you are a little wrong in implementing your best company swag ideas for employees, you might disrupt the entire campaign.

What’s vital to remember about corporate swag is that the more frequently people will use these promotional items, the higher number of audiences your brand will reach. When you provide what they need, yours is the only name that comes to their mind in the first place. Brand exposure is the critical marketing objective of distributing swag kits.

37 Best Company Swag Ideas For Employees

Who doesn’t love to receive goodies in their mailboxes with a cute personalized note appreciating your hard work, welcoming you to the team, or thanking you for your purchase? Ever since offline marketing is back in the game, the distribution of promotional items has become a craze.

And we love the way how you have stumbled upon our blog!! If it’s your first time implementing company swag giveaway ideas, or if you are running short of ideas, this is the ultimate list for you.

Here are the 37 best company swags for employees and clients that you would want to incorporate into your offline marketing strategy in 2023.

1. Corporate T-shirts

corporate T-shirts | company swag ideas

Promotional apparels are a perfect way to make your brand popular in a niche area. The key to creating these shirts is that the wearers would put them on the outdoors which will give your brand higher exposure. Corporate advertisement T-shirts attract audiences proactively and build a robust base of loyal customers. The primary advantage is there is nothing to do on your part.

Giving your employees custom branded shirts that are in line with your company logo and brand color, is one of the most affordable ways to create awareness. They are creative, and fun which makes the wearers become walking advertisements whenever they go in the community donning your shirt. Before making any informed decision, it’s a good idea to know how much custom t-shirts cost.

Choosing the perfect logo placement on the shirt is also important as it can significantly impact your brand representation.

Additionally, there are so many chances for your brand to get viral on Social Media if your employees and clients do some cool moves together in public places wearing these logo-imprinted T-shirts.

Small business promotional items or swags like corporate T-shirts set you apart from your competitors and develop an interest in your company in the community.

Let’s take a look at these popular shirt designs to find the perfect fit for your brand’s identity.

2. Coffee Swag

Coffee Swag | company swag ideas

So so so many people around you love coffee. It’s no secret that coffee swag is one of the essentials in 2023 both in and out of the workplace. Yet you may find it difficult to find the perfect company gift item for someone having a real predilection.

There is an array of coffee-related swags out there to choose from including moka pots, drippers, presses, mugs, glasses, and much more. With hybrid and remote work becoming more popular, coffee is becoming much more than a morning stimulant. Whether you’re looking for customized gifts for employees or unique gifts for male coworkers, a coffee swag will surely be delightful.

Your clients and employees will be more than happy to receive chic coffee accessories that will help them to survive Zoom meetings, long commutes, night shifts, early morning shifts, and long working hours.

3. Custom Backpacks

Custom- Backpacks

There is no doubt that custom backpacks remain one of the most effective company swag ideas for clients and employees. If you want to spread most of the word about your brand, it’s a great value proposition because of its versatility.

Also, they provide more functionality than traditional totes and bags. Your employees and clients can carry them for hiking, biking, skiing, and everyday office purposes as well. As branding merchandise, the logo-printed backpacks are quite budget friendly too. So, of course, it’s a better option that television or newspaper ads.

Just imagine the kind of exposure your business will get every time the recipients move out in the airport terminals, shopping centers, a crowded beach, an eatery, or in bus bays.

They also have plenty of storage capacity for holding valuable digital devices and tech gadgets. Gifting your busy executives, a company backpack shows how much you care about their job roles and responsibilities.

4. Sustainable Lunch Bags

Sustainable Lunch Bags | company swag ideas

Is your business located in an area having lots of fast-foot eateries? Then this can be an amazing way to spread brand awareness and make your customers aware of healthy eating at the same time. Customized lunch boxes with logo printing make great promotional swags for training sessions, meetings, and conferences.

These branded gifts are the best goodies for everyday office baggage. Every time your people have lunch in the food court, conference cafeteria, or a trade show, your company name will be out there, exposed to so many people.

Although the lunch box has been through a phase of series of evolutions over the years, it has stayed as a memorable company swag option. The best part about them is that they are a great alternative to non-usable plastic/paper bags.

On average, full-time workers have somewhere between 180-210 working days a year. Using these sustainable lunch bags can potentially save 180-210 one-time-use lunch bags every year per worker.

5. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles | company swag ideas

Nothing can match the kind of aesthetics aromatherapy candles have. They hold a significant amount of promise when it comes to promoting businesses. These visually pleasing products are completely different from ordinary company swags. It ranks among the top swag items for effective branding.

Giving candles as customized corporate gifts represents your marketing in a better way to your staff and audiences.

They get amazed by your unique taste and they consider sticking to your brand. Even considering the perspectives of the recipients, aromatherapy candles are classic gifts for clients that can be used for home décor, fragrance, or self-care.

While the world is recovering from a global pandemic and giving useless gifts in this situation is completely meaningless. Instead, gifting a set of eco-friendly, distinctive, and meaningful candles will make your recipients fall in love with you.

6. Sweet And Savory Treats

Sweet and savoury treats

“Anything sweet is always memorable.”

If you have a small business then you can use this particular advantage by giving out sweet and savory treats for branding purposes. Not only people will remember you but also you will receive lots of appreciation from your clients and customers.

What we think is that of all the promotional sweet treats, biscuits are THE BEST corporate merchandise idea. They go perfectly well with the tastes of all types of audiences. A bag or box of lip-smacking items would be a perfect choice to bring your brand under the limelight. Don’t worry about breaking the budget because you don’t have to.

Whether it’s the branded gums, mints, chocolate boxes, cookies, candies, or fruit jellies, select the treatment that will endorse your company the most. Sweeten up your business’s message with these personalized delightful branded treats.

7. Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

Giving custom pet products such as a litter scooper or a custom leash acts as a lifesaver to your employees and clients who are pet parents.

Those munchkins will become your brand ambassadors. All you have to do is put your logo on all the promotional pet accessories and distribute them at an event. You can also simply put them on the desk of employees as surprise gifts. When a recipient takes his/her four-legged baby on a walk, think how many people will discover your brand.

Some popular promotional products for pets include branded dog toys, pet bandanas, plush toys, pet food bowls, and custom pet ID tags. Giving away pet-themed promotional swag is a SMART advertising trick for brands to foster emotional connection with their team members, and clientele.

If you want to make your advertising event more meaningful and generate more craze around your brand, give away these swags on special days like International Dog Day, and National Cat Day. You can also host a pop-up shop in front of your office selling branded pet goods to attract more offline traffic.

8. Stickers And Patches

Stickers and Patches

Remember the days when we all used to put stickers, and labels on our books, copies, drawers, water bottles, and bags? You can use those small, pretty treats now as well to promote your brand. What’s the catch? You can customize them according to your choice with your company message, or logo. Plus, unlike branded pens, they last for so many years.

It’s popular among the younger demographics and those who have a keen interest in fashion and self-expression. This makes it a great option for brands attempting to retain their clients and employees. Badges, labels, patches, and stickers create a sense of community and belonging which can be used as a larger marketing campaign like influencer partnership or social media contest.

However, keep in mind that swags like these are not suitable for every kind of audience. For example, if your target audience has a more traditional mindset, they might not be interested in receiving these advertising objects.

9. Plant Pots

Plants Pots

The world is becoming less green…….and that’s scary!!!!

So, make it greener by distributing logo-printed plant pots as one of the most innovative company swag ideas for clients and teams. It’s the best eco-friendly branded gift you can give away during the business promotion to make a difference.

You can either gift only the pots with your brand message or logo imprinted or hand them over a whole plant placed in the pot. This is perfect for your in-house staff who will love to keep them on their work desks. They lower office stress and enhance creativity alongside boosting your team’s health and morale.

Because it’s not a product that you will discard after using it once, sending plants as gifts makes your clients and workers keep you in their minds for longer. As the plant grows and matures, your professional connection will also expand.

10. Water Bottles

Water Bottles | business swag

Water bottles are highly result-driven and extremely popular company swag because of so many reasons. First, they can be easily carried. So every time your recipients carry them in their offices, or during traveling, your brand will be noticed easily.

Secondly, they are a super effective giveaway item because of their recyclable nature. In comparison to disposable or non-recyclable water bottles, they are safer for the environment. As a result, from the environmental sustainability perspective, it’s a top-notch choice for business swag ideas.

These promotional refillable water carriers align your business with the corporate environmental sustainability goals. In addition, they are quite inexpensive to produce; hence, you can purchase them in bulk for your team. The recipients also want to keep them for longer which optimizes your brand awareness over an extended period.

11. Sneakers

Sneakers | company swag ideas

We suggest you choose custom sneakers as a business swag idea for several reasons. The most prominent reason is that surprising your employees with a pair of branded sneakers will motivate them. As a result, they will put more effort into work and increase their efficiency.

It’s a great gesture to appreciate their contribution to your company. Hence, you ought to take special care about certain points in terms of the sneakers. Comfortable sneakers will help your people stay focused on their goals and improve overall productivity.

From modern sneakers to elegant classics, you can choose any model you want considering the demographic characteristics of your staff. There is nothing happier than seeing a bunch of happy employees wearing beautiful shoes showcasing your brand name. Goodwill gestures like these entice prospects and create a better work culture.

12. Laptop Skin

Laptop skin

Gone are the days when laptop bags were being gifted as company swag. Gen Z is now more inclined towards premium laptop skins. This is something that can change the perspective of your organization on your employees and customers.

Every other person, especially working people, these days has a laptop. Your clientele and team members are surely not exceptions. Whenever they work on the laptop outside your office, your brand name is the first thing that people will notice, thereby leading to massive brand recognition.

You can simply put your company name or logo on it or go the extra mile by printing a catchy graphic of the individual profession of the recipients on it. This small step is going to enhance the enjoyment of your clients and employees.

13. AirPod Cases

Airpods Cases | corporate swag

Airpods are new style statements in 2023. Since the launch of the first Apple Airpod in 2016, this electronic accessory has received a fashionable vogue status. It’s one of the most result-driven company swag giveaway ideas if your employees and target audience are tech-savvy and love to use them.

An AirPod case with your company logo has a sound potential to be seen by many people which increases your brand recognition. Additionally, these AirPod cases when customized with your brand name and color become a unique personalized company gift. For larger marketing campaigns, it’s an amazing trick to optimize brand engagement.

14. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers | business swag ideas

Bluetooth speakers are the best swag items for employees. If your team members and clientele are more into technology music and outdoor activities, it’s the best corporate swag idea. Bluetooth speakers are portable which means they are likely to be used regularly. An item like this helps increase brand exposure to a great extent.

A customized speaker with your company logo can also make for a unique and personalized corporate gift that can help to strengthen your brand image. Nevertheless, Bluetooth speakers may be more expensive compared to other swag items. This means that they may not be suitable for all budgets.

Additionally, some individuals may already have Bluetooth speakers. Hence, they may not be interested in receiving another one.

15. Professional Notepads

Professional Notepads | company swag ideas

Let your clients jot down their daily work, strategies, goals, or some random thoughts on professional notebooks. First, notepads are practical and useful, which means they are likely to be used by your target audience. Whether they use it to take notes, make to-do lists, or jot down ideas, notepads can be used daily and can help keep your brand top-of-mind.

Second, a sleek, professional notepad customized with your brand logo or tagline considerably augments brand recognition. Every time your target audience uses the notepad, they will see your company logo. This can help to create a sense of familiarity and trust with your brand.

Lastly, notepads are affordable and easy to distribute, making them a cost-effective corporate gift option. You can order notepads in bulk and distribute them at conferences, events, or as part of a larger marketing campaign.

16. Wellness Kit

Wellness Kit

Want to prioritize the wellness of your employees? Do you want to showcase your brand as an employer concerned with their client’s and staff’s well-being? Then wellness hampers are a superb way to encourage your workers to focus on their mental and physical health.

In today’s fast-paced and often stressful work environments, prioritizing wellness can make a big difference in overall health and productivity. By providing a wellness kit as a corporate gift, you are sending the message that you care about their success beyond just their work performance.

Wellness kits are customizable according to your company’s culture and brand. For example, you could include items like:

  • Healthy Snacks
  • Water Bottles
  • Stress Balls
  • Sports Tote
  • Eye Mask
  • Moisture Soap
  • Infuser Bottles Yoga Mats
  • Or Even Meditation apps to help promote mental and physical wellness.

Personalizing these kits with your company’s branding can also help to reinforce your company’s values and mission.

17. New Hire Welcome Boxes

Welcome Boxes | company swag ideas

Remember, the first impression is the last. The perception your new joiner will have about your company on Day 1 will linger on his/her mind. Considering this, one of the most trending company logo swag ideas in 2023 is New Hire, Welcome Kit.

Starting a new job can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. But a thoughtful welcome box can help to ease the transition and make new hires feel more comfortable in their new work environment. They help to create a positive first impression and can make new employees feel valued.

Furthermore, a welcome box can also be a great way to showcase your company’s culture and values. By including items that represent your company’s mission and vision, you can help new employees understand what your company stands for.

You can include some items customized with your brand logo or name to fit the needs and interests of your new hires. For instance, the box may contain, branded apparel, a notebook, company coffee swag, snacks, a logo-imprinted pen, and a branded sticker. These boxes send the message that your company invests in its employees and values their contributions.

18. Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts | company swag ideas

Looking for something cozy that your workers and clients will love to wear at work while increasing brand engagement at the same time? Go for corporate sweatshirts. Almost all offices are transitioning towards casual dress codes. Even some companies are having a Pajama day every week.

Hence, sweatshirts are an excellent way to provide employees or clients with a comfortable yet fashionable option.

You can get the sweatshirts customized with your company logo or branding, which can help to increase brand awareness and recognition. Every time your employees or clients wear the sweatshirt, they will be showcasing your company’s logo. This leads to a sense of familiarity and trust with your brands. Hence sweatshirts are one of the best company logo swag ideas.

Just like Branded T-shirts, this versatile corporate gift is a matchless and cost-effective way to add to your wardrobe. Whether your clients or customers don them at their workplace or during a casual hangout, it creates a cohesive look for your brand.

19. Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards | company swag ideas

With the rising popularity of online shopping, digital gift cards are getting increasingly popular in terms of ideas for company swag. They are way too convenient and pretty easy to send to your clients and employees. The recipients can easily get them redeemed online and apply during personal shopping.

They eliminate the need for physical gift cards to be mailed or delivered in person. This makes them a practical and efficient choice for busy corporate gift-givers like you who want to show their appreciation to employees or clients.

Digital gift cards also offer flexibility, as they can be used to purchase a wide range of products and services. This means that the receiver can choose a gift that best suits their personal needs and preferences, making it a thoughtful and personalized gift.

Another advantage of digital gift cards is that they go perfectly well with your company branding. This eventually raises brand awareness and recognition. By providing a client gift that is associated with your company, you are helping to create a positive and memorable impression among your client base and workforce.

20. Office-Bags

Office Bags | corporate swag ideas

A well-designed office bag can be a valuable and useful tool for employees, allowing them to carry their work essentials in a convenient and organized way. At the same time, a high-quality office bag can also be a fashionable accessory. This adds a touch of professionalism and sophistication to any workplace outfit.

By providing office bags as corporate gifts, you are showing your employees that you care about their work needs and want to support their daily activities. A good office bag can help them to stay organized, reduce clutter, and improve their overall productivity. It can also help them to make a good impression when meeting with clients or attending important business events.

Plus, when you print your brand logo on these bags, they feel proud to carry them. Not only do they take it to the office but also they carry it while casually hanging out. This upholds a positive work culture of your brand and gives a professional image to it.

21. Soap Bars

Soap Bars | company swag

Eco-friendly soaps made of natural ingredients are ethical superstars. Hence, they offer a unique opportunity to promote wellness and self-care in the workplace. Moreover, if you use plastic packaging while distributing it to your clients and employees, it’s a “cherry on top.” You will get a label of “Environmentally Sustainable” brand.

A high-quality soap bar can be a luxurious and indulgent item that employees can use to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate themselves after a long day of work. They feel your concern for their well-being which makes them more loyal to your brand. Moreover, customizing soap bars with a personalized brand message creates a lasting impression on the recipients.

Soap bars are a low-cost and eco-friendly option for corporate gifting, especially when purchased in bulk. They offer a low-waste and sustainable alternative to many other types of gifts that may come with excessive packaging or plastic waste.

22. Umbrellas

Umbrellas | company swag ideas for employees

Umbrellas are undoubtedly one of the most popular company swag ideas for your branding campaign. All you need is a little creativity and imagination because this promo item can become your “Oh So Perfect” everyday advertising equipment for a very long time.

See, we all need umbrellas because it’s useful and practical. Umbrellas printed with your brand logo or tagline are feasible because we use them almost every other day to protect ourselves from heavy rain, snow, or the scorching heat of the sun.

Branded umbrellas offer a huge print area that can be utilized well. You can either use the entire surface of the panels or just a part of a panel. So, this is a perfect marketing tool that gives you high visibility among a larger audience simply and cost-effectively.

23. Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer | company swag ideas

These health and hygiene product is not for just hospitals anymore.

The sales volume of hand sanitizer has risen by 80% between 2020 and 2022. In this post-pandemic period, it’s a MUST-HAVE in every handbag or purse. This makes branded hand sanitizers one of the awesome company swag ideas.

It’s a great way to make people aware of your business and show off your well-being standards which give you a strong competitive advantage. Well, the price of hand sanitizers depends from one place to another and from one brand to another.

There are now logo-imprinted spray-on hand disinfectants that you can use for your hands to mask the smell of alcohol. Not only this but also they have a good shelf life which makes it a prospective promotional item.

24. Travel Essentials Box

Travel Essentials Box

Work. Travel. Repeat.

This is the new mantra of the travel-freak corporate employees!!!

So, by prioritizing their lifestyle you can easily boost your brand identity in both the national and international markets. It’s very thoughtful of you to give them a flight kit with all the necessary items each of which you should customize with your brand logo/name. It’s an excellent way to promote a brand and create a positive impression in the long term.

A well-curated travel essentials box can include a range of items that help your employees feel comfortable and prepared during their travels. Include some inexpensive stuff in the box such as Backpack, reusable carry bags, travel pillows, Stainless Steel smart water bottles, eye masks, wet wipes, tooth care kits, and power banks.

25. Sunscreen

Sunscreen | company swag ideas

It’s 2023, and global warming is making people go crazy. Sunscreen is therefore an even more relevant corporate gift idea. The harmful effects of sun exposure are well-documented. As a result, sunscreen is a practical and thoughtful gift that can help to promote good well-being among employees and clients.

Corporate swag is an important way to show appreciation and build relationships with clients and employees. By giving a useful and practical gift like sunscreen, you can brandish your care for the health and wellbeing of your stakeholders, while also promoting their brand.

Nonetheless, do not forget that so many people around are sensitive to the chemicals present in cosmetic sun-shield products. To mitigate these, you should carefully select high-quality, hypoallergenic sunscreen products that are well-suited to their target market.

26. USB Drives

USB-Drives | corporate swag ideas

In today’s digital age, almost everyone needs portable data storage, whether it is for work, personal use, or both. USB drives are a practical and useful gift that can be used to store and transfer important files, documents, and other digital content.

USB drives are a relatively inexpensive gift that can be customized with a company logo or other branding. This makes them an effective marketing tool. By giving USB drives as a company branding goodie, you can increase your brand awareness and visibility among clients and employees.

27. Tote Bags

Tote Bags | corporate swag ideas

Have you seen the beauty of the Tote bags?

It’s a plain and simple bag with an open top and two handles, often used as a shopping bag.

Despite its absolute simplicity, it’s a practical and versatile gift that can be used for a variety of purposes. From carrying groceries to carrying work documents and flaunting your summer style, you can do anything with it. Tote bags are also eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags, which can be harmful to the environment.

There is nothing simpler than customizing tote bags as they have large printable surfaces. Just imprint your brand’s logo or name on it through sublimation or stitching. And you are ready to let the world know about you.

28. Phone Cases

Phone Cases | company swag ideas

Every best corporate swag item is exceptionally customized. Phones cases are one such item that has emerged as a profitable fad in the 2023 corporate gifting trends. In today’s world, almost everyone has a smartphone.

And phone cases are a practical and useful accessory that can protect a phone from scratches, drops, and other damage. This makes it a necessity for every single people out there and a smart promotional item at the same time.

The best thing is that phone cases come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs. This makes them a versatile gift that can be tailored to suit different audiences and occasions. From clear plastic cases to leather cases, companies can choose a phone case that reflects their brand and values.

Therefore, by customizing phone cases by printing your organization’s tagline or logo on them, you can do remarkable branding. Give mobile phone covers authentic corporate swag, and increase your brand visibility among clients and employees.

29. Keychains

Keychains | corporate swag ideas

Business promotional ideas need not be always high-end gifting strategies. You don’t have to make it that difficult every time. To make your customers and team members satisfied and praise your brand, even the simplest things make a huge difference.

One such impressive item is Branded Keychain.

Keychains are useful accessories that can be used to hold keys and other small items, making them a convenient and functional gift. These are relatively inexpensive and can be easily customized with a company logo or other branding. This increases the likelihood that recipients will use them and see the branding regularly.

They are effective corporate swag ideas if they are well-designed, high-quality, and reflective of the company’s brand identity and values. You should also consider your target audience and distribution strategy to maximize the effectiveness of the keychain as a promotional item.

30. Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

It is literally the coolest company swag item that assures effective promotion.

Fridge magnets can be an effective corporate promotional idea, depending on the target audience and branding strategy of the company. They are quite functional and crisp items that can be used daily. This increases the likelihood that recipients will keep them and see the branding regularly.

Fridge magnets can also be customized with a company logo or other branding, which makes them an effective promotional item. Additionally, the effectiveness of fridge magnets as a business swag may depend on the target audience.

For example, younger or more tech-savvy audiences may not place as much value on fridge magnets. This may reduce their effectiveness as promotional items.

31. Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads | corporate swag ideas

What’s great about mouse pads is that they can be customized with a company’s logo or message, making them an effective marketing tool. Recipients of the swag can use the mouse pad every day, which means that the branding on the mouse pad will be seen frequently, thereby increasing brand visibility.

Moreover, mouse pads come in different styles and designs, allowing companies to choose a design that best reflects their brand identity and values. Whether it’s a simple design or something more elaborate, mouse pads can help showcase the uniqueness of a company to its clients and employees.

It perfectly fits the purpose of a custom-branded swag campaign.

32. Customizable Document Organizer

Customizable Document Organizer | company swag ideas

You want your employees to be organized, and your best unique branded swag item for them would be this. A sleek corporate document organizer with multiple pockets is a great way to share your thoughts on the organized workspace.

It is also a wonderful item for top-performing employees. This promotional item helps to build brand awareness and is a great way to thank them. Print the name of your company, its logo, and address on the organizer. You can even customize it for your employee by printing their name and a small note for them.

The document organizer is a great corporate gift, which is functional for them and beneficial for you!

33. Hoodies & Jackets

Hoodies & jackets | company swag

From a pure perspective of looks, you can give your employees a hoodie or jacket. It is a unique custom swag item.

Get your nice-looking logo printed on the hoodie or jacket and there you are with a brilliant item for your employees.
Your employees will love to flaunt their swag in the cold winter months.

Apart from increasing your brand engagement and visibility, it allows your employees to be fashionable. It is a comfortable yet stylish option to match the aesthetics of your brand.

34. Planners

Planners | company swag ideas

The list of excellent swag items for companies is tremendous. However, if you are looking only for the best options, then you might consider planners. It is considered one of the best corporate swag items for businesses.

These planners are useful and highly functional. It helps the employees to keep track of their work, plan their day, and ensure the deliveries. You can print your logo on the cover of the planner. Or, for more impactful branding, emboss your logo and company name on every page of the planner.

Save this option for the future!

35. Tech Accessories

Tech Accessories | company swag ideas

We live in a world of technology. It has become a part of our lives. So, what about giving your employees a gift of tech accessories? Your employees will love high-quality and practical tech gadgets as a cool marketing swag gift.

It can be a charging pad or a custom power bank, any tech gadget that helps them to stay connected is welcome. The gifts make mundane daily tasks hassle-free and serve as an essential part of their everyday life.

The next time you are planning for a swag item, consider this unique product.

36. Eco-friendly swag

eco friendly swag



Selecting an eco-friendly swag item is a classic win-win. People are becoming extremely concerned about their environment and prefer anything sustainable.

Present your employees with this interesting swag idea and make them feel good about your brand. It serves the purpose of a swag gift item and also ensures to establish your presence as an eco-friendly business.

Going green is a great choice. And with this branded swag for employees, you encourage them to reduce waste and the cost of disposable products.

37. Gourmet Popcorn Packs

Gourmet Popcorn Packs

Gourmet treats are the most popular swag items for employees.

Studies have shown how people love energy-boosting gourmet items. Gourmet popcorn packs make a great corporate swag gift option. It showcases your concern for your employee’s health, and they feel appreciated and valued.

To make it more appealing and personalized, you can add a greeting card or a personal note. A popcorn gift set offers the perfect opportunity to give your employees a taste of different flavors!

5 Tips For Choosing Effective Corporate Swag Ideas

An average American household has at least 30 promotional items – as per the latest study. Therefore, it’s evident that corporate swag or promotional merchandise is a brilliant way to reward employees, build brand recognition and create a sense of unity in your organization.

However, while there are so many options available, it’s quite challenging to choose effective swag items ideas that truly represent your brand and resonating the target audience. It’s a MUST to select brand items that are both remarkable and aligned with your brand identities and values.

Taking the time to select company-branded swag ideas will contribute to enhancing your brand reputation, creating positive buzz, and promoting your organization.

So, we brought some useful tips and tricks to help you out in picking out the most result-driven and fun company swag ideas:

1. Brand Relevance

First and foremost, your giveaway items should be relevant to your brand. For instance, if your company sells skincare products, and you choose electronic items as swags, it won’t work.

People nowadays love when a brand becomes able to connect to their tastes and preferences. It has been found that niche-specific gift hampers tend to attract employees and customers more than any irrelevant things.

So choose wisely and take brand relevance into account. Keep company culture in the front row when choosing swag items.

Hence, if your brand sells skincare products, give away comfy and cool outfits or accessories to them as corporate swags such as T-shirts, hats/caps, track pants, pajamas, sunglasses, headbands, watches, purses, backpacks, etc.

2. Usefulness

One tried and tested way to choose a swag that makes your receivers’ jaw drop-down is thinking out of the office. Remember to find something useful to them even outside the office.

Not necessarily it always has to be a notebook, an office bag, a pen, or a flash drive. You can even go for items they can use comfortably in their personal lives.

For instance, you can opt for menstrual hygiene kits, skincare hampers, or men’s grooming packages. These are basic health and wellness swags with tremendously high utility.

If you give them away as gifts, your community will feel highly valued and prioritized leading to more employee and client satisfaction.

3. Quality

Of course, you don’t want to send low-quality swag to employees since this will threaten your brand image to a great extent. This is something that you must never compromise while giving out company swags. Not necessarily, it has to be of high price, but in terms of quality, it should be a top-notch one.

Is the recipient aware that they will be receiving something significant, qualitatively excellent, emotionally fulfilling, and functional?

Such items make your customers and employees feel prioritized and you help you improve the relationships between your organization and individuals. Imagine what differences would the corporate party swags and employee appreciation gifts would do at a super-luxe level.

4. Creativity

With so many brands offering promotional merchandise, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Corporate swag is mainly a reflection of your brand, and creativity helps you ensure that your merchandise is consistent with your brand identity and messaging.

During planning what kind of gifts you want to order for your company swag, think about which items can present the small details about your brand or culture. And guess what, you can do it in as creative a way as possible.

There is extra credit if you work into the items or include your clients and customers. 2023 belongs to an era of personalized goods and letting people design their products is going to boost your business’s ROI. For instance, you can allow your clients and employees to send you their names or the color and design of the graphics to get them imprinted on their water bottles/shirts/caps/.

This will spike your brand engagement and the swag will also be fun.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness means, you, as a business owner, will try to maximize your budget by making the most value of your investment.

You don’t need to make unnecessary expenditures while designing extraordinary company swag items. With affordable swag, you can purchase them according to your requirement and allocate the remaining budget to other crucial marketing initiatives.

You can save money on one hand while achieving marketing goals on the other.

Cost-effective corporate gifts can be distributed to a large number of audiences since their per-head cost is considerably lower. This will provide you with a higher return on investment and increase brand as well as employee loyalty.

It’s so important for your company to reflect each touchpoint your employees and target audience have in the swags. This means even the coffee mug you distribute to your staff, the pens you hand out at a business conference, and the backpack you hand over to some of your top buyers, must be well thought out. The tricks above will let you choose amazing marketing swag ideas that your people and your target audiences want.

How To Distribute Branded Swag?

With offices closed, people working remotely, hybrid work culture, and events canceled the mode of distributing promotional gifts or products has changed. However, sending swags, goodies, or tokens of appreciation to your key stakeholders has tremendous value still now.

When distributing great swag ideas, it’s important to choose items that are useful, relevant, and of high quality. Be sure to also consider the audience and the intended purpose of the swag.

By distributing swag meaningfully, a company can increase brand awareness, engage with customers and employees, and achieve its marketing objectives.

Here are some tips on how to distribute branded swag effectively and boost results. After endless research on many of our client’s projects, we have brought these inspirations to you:

1. Events and trade shows

One of the most effective ways to distribute branded swag is at events and trade shows. These events provide an opportunity to connect with a large number of potential customers or partners in one place.

Be sure to choose items that are relevant to the event and to the audience you’re targeting. Study your audiences first before selecting the swags.

If your targeted audiences are mostly millennials or Gen Z fellows, you should select something memorable, aesthetic, and meaningful. But if they are a bit older, then you should go for traditional swags that senior people will love to use.

2. Online promotions

Social media platforms and email campaigns are great tools to promote and distribute branded swag. Offer the swag as a reward for liking or sharing social media posts or for signing up for a newsletter or email list. This can help increase engagement and reach a wider audience.

Online giveaway is now a foolproof way to increase your brand engagement and spread awareness.

First, choose a goal for the giveaway, and then offer exciting prizes, AKA, your customized swags. If possible, you can also partner with the influencers. Lastly, promote them as much as you can to involve more and more people.

3. In-store promotions

If your company has a physical storefront, you can distribute branded swag to customers who make purchases. This can help increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

All you have to do is hand them over the goodies after every purchase or you can offer them gift hampers for a certain amount of purchases. This will increase your sales and give your brand exposure at the same time.

4. Employee incentives And Direct Mail

Providing branded swag to your employees as incentives can help boost morale and create a sense of pride in the company. This will help you increase overall organizational productivity and create a positive work environment.

As a business owner or a creative head, you can also send branded swag directly to customers or prospects through direct mail campaigns. This can be a great way to stand out from competitors and create a lasting impression.

Why Is A Good Company Swag Important For Your Brand’s Marketing?

Good company swag, which refers to promotional merchandise using a company’s name or logo, is a powerful marketing tool for companies of any size.

Swag is something useful and stylish, rewarded to the employees and in some cases, the clients. It’s a WIN-WIN for both your businesses and the receivers. It’s because, on one hand, it improves brand recognition and brand loyalty while on the other it engages the key stakeholders and recognizes their efforts.

Among so many reasons why decent company swags are mandatory offline promotional strategies, one reason is that it increases your brand’s visibility. By putting your company’s logo, tagline, name, or message on these goodies, you can ensure a wider audience recognized your business. Especially, if yours is a startup or a small-scale organization, this is an especially useful marketing strategy.

Another reason is that you can use this tactic to recognize your workforce’s commitment and hard work. Today’s workforce prefers quality over quantity. When you gift employees branded swag as a reward, they feel their contribution to your organization is highly respected and valued. This boosts their overall employee morale and motivation which eventually leads to increased productivity and staff retention.

You should therefore focus on creating good and high-quality swag for companies that align with their brand values and messaging. This should include eco-friendly products, and products that are useful, unique, and reflect your company’s vision as well as mission. By creating swag that people would love to have with them, you can maximize your branding efforts.

Benefits of Providing Company Swag to Your Employees

  • One of the most vivid benefits of business swag ideas is that they can help increase brand awareness and recognition. Branded merchandise such as tote bags, t-shirts, or water bottles can be used by customers and employees in their daily lives. This enables you to increase exposure and recognition for your company which results in brand loyalty and repeat business as two direct effects.
  • Additionally, corporate swag can help you build a positive image for your brand. By providing useful or high-quality swag, a company can demonstrate that they care about their customers and employees. This can help improve customer satisfaction and create a positive work environment.
  • Another advantage of giving employees company swag is that it can help to create a sense of unity and community within your firm. When all employees receive the same swag, it can create a sense of integrity and ownership among your team members. This can be especially beneficial for remote or distributed teams, who may feel disconnected from the rest of the company.
  • Furthermore, company gifting is a fruitful way to advertise a company. When employees wear or use company-branded swag, they become walking billboards for the company. As a very obvious effect, it helps to increase brand recognition and attract new customers or clients. This can be particularly effective when your people attend events or conferences. It’s because it helps to make a memorable impression on potential customers or partners.

Examples Of Companies With Great Corporate Swag Ideas

Handing out company swags to clients, employees, and prospects is no more a “how to give” or “what’s the right time to offer” decision. As soon as you select some unique company swag ideas, they directly get added to your brand’s goal. Furthermore, they stand out as clear, competitive, and well-thought statements.

Yes, swag skyrockets your marketing by garnering more impressions, and reinforcing corporate awareness.

Approximately 90% of the people say they will love to go out of their way to get brand promotional items. Again, it has been found that 60% of the gifts spent went to swags for clients and partners whilst the remaining 40% went to internal employees and stakeholders.

So, we hope you get an idea of how spectacularly, the popularity and adoption of business swag ideas are increasing.

And to inspire your next swag-distributing event, we have brought a list of the successful brands that implemented legendary company swag ideas.

Taking a look at what they did is going to inspire your next swag:

1. Smashmallow

Marshmallow, a snack maker, is a part of the Sonoma Brands Family. This SMASH branded product portfolio offers snackable sweet treats made with natural and organic ingredients.

It creates a fantastic company swag kit collaborating with some other brands including Arctic Zone, Aunt Fannies, EcoVessel, and U-Konserve. They hosted a social media giveaway contest which was exceptionally successful and increased their branding campaign’s reach not only on social media but also in the global market.

The lucky winners in the contest received a kit containing a bunch of supplies, snacks, and gear which are ideal for a memorable camping adventure. The swag hamper had:

  • A Deep Freeze 24-can backpack cooler of Arctic Zone.
  • U-Konserve’s reusable food containers
  • Gluten-free snackable Marshmallows + Swag from SmashMallow.
  • DEET-free mosquito sprays and wipes by Aunt Fannie.

2. Ralph’s Coffee

Ralph Lauren’s first coffee shop was opened in New York City in the year 2014. It features amazingly crafted coffee blends along with the coolest swag items such as dishes, cups, and more. Their company promotional items are the most common and day-to-day use products, yet they are tastefully made.

It’s their canvas and tote bags that have gained maximum attention which course sustainable and summer-perfect accessories. These tastefully made and aesthetically appealing items drew much attention from the audience.

3. Github

If you are a techie, we expect you don’t need an introduction to this brand. For those who don’t know, Github Inc, or GitHub is an internet hosting service provider for software development as well as version control using it. To put it simply, it enabled software developers to work together on their projects anytime anywhere.

So, this code hosting platform has also come up with a splendid swag idea recently that got immense popularity not just among tech nerds, but also among the non-coders. It’s a GitHub swag kit that features Octocat, the mascot of this code-hosting platform.

Wait, if you are wondering what’s an Octocat, let us tell you it’s part octopus and part cat. It appeared for the first time in Spliced (TV Series), an animated video by David OReilly. People simply loved the idea of this swag and immediately after its launch, they started placing orders.

4. Purple Rock Scissors

Purple Rock Scissors, the name itself indicates something insanely creative. Yes, it’s an Orlando-based strategic creative agency consisting of a team of creatives, engineers, and strategists focused on developing innovative digital products.

In 2021, they launched a fun inventory of swag boxes that displayed some out-of-the-box packaging. O the box cover, a label displaying “YOU GOT SWAG” and the bran logo were pasted. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most creative tech teams out there.

There were a few accessories inside it such as brand stickers, logo-engraved badges, sunglasses, and much more, each of which had the brand name printed on them. These promotional items received so many positive responses on social media which helped the company take the spotlight.

5. Everwell

This health and wellness media website is always up and running in terms of creativity, and innovation. In 2019, they brought a self-care swag to show how much they care for their employees and clients.

These days self-care products are like “hotcakes” on social media as more and more people are becoming concerned about mental and physical well-being.

Everwell hosted a quick giveaway and announced self-care hampers for some selected winners. The hamper contained a lot of exciting stuff including an adorable necklace, Lavender and Rose Deodorant, Essential Face Wipes, Face Mist, a sweater, a cotton sweatshirt, and Matcha Green Tea + Citrus Ginger.

These are something that millennials and Gen Z care about a lot. That’s exactly why Everwell chose these products to give way as company swags.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Company Swag Do Employees Like?

Here are some types of cool swag ideas for companies that modern employees rave about Coffee Swag, Eco-Friendly products, Self-Care items, Menstrual hygiene kits, Pet-care swag items, Tech accessories, New-hire welcome kits, etc.

2. What Are The Most Popular Marketing Swag Items?

Some of the most popular marketing swag items that tend to be well-appreciated by a wide range of audiences are Corporate T-shirts, water bottles, tech accessories, desk accessories, tote bags, and desk accessories.

3. What Is Branded Swag?

Branded swags are usually company-branded merchandise given away in the form of advertising. Businesses, especially startups, use these items to promote their brand and develop good relationships with employees and clients. It’s an investment into future business prospects.

4. Why Do Companies Give Swag?

Giving company swag to employees and clients help you promote and strengthen healthy workplace culture, boost employee productivity, enhance engagement, and strengthen client relationships. It shows your appreciation towards them.

5. How Do You Design Business Swag?

Designing fun company swag ideas is one of the easiest things to do. Here are some easy steps to do it in the right way:

  • Identify your brand.
  • Utilize the power of collaboration.
  • Design for your brand and audience uniquely.
  • Customize in a creative way keeping in mind the receivers’ preferences.

6. How Much Money Should I Spend On Company Swag?

The amount of money to spend on the company swags or any other promotional strategies depends on a business’s marketing goals for a financial year. However, as a rule of thumb, your swag budget should be lower than 20% of your entire marketing budget.

7. What Makes A Good Company Swag Idea?

A good company swag idea reflects your brand and also grabs your employees’ and audiences’ attention. Not only it should be a unique one, but also, it has to be useful.

For instance, a backpack or a T-shirt is one of the best company swag ideas since they create a buzz around your business and drive success to your marketing campaign.

8. How Do I Promote My Company Swag?

To spread awareness of your company’s swag, first, encourage all your recipients to share the swag with their network on their social media handles using unique hashtags.

Also, motivate them to share your swag items with others outside your organization if it’s quirky enough. As a part of your social media sweepstakes, you can also use giveaways and these gifts to get more visibility in your business.

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