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Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks | Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks |
38 trending shirt designs

Top 38 Trending Shirt Designs In 2023 [Updated]

Today custom shirts have become a must-have. People can find their favorite designs easily, and enjoy their benefits to the fullest. They like donning trending shirt designs and matching shirts to look perfectly fashionable. Some even do it to show their support towards sports teams, musical bands, pop culture icons, etc. As a further extension of a company, employees or clients of a firm don personalized shirts too.

T-shirts have emerged as the go-to choice for businesses when it comes to selecting customized corporate gifts for their employees or clients. Creating customized T-shirts is also considered as one of the key offline marketing ideas nowadays.

Different trends have emerged in the fashion field, and the same goes for the shirt industry. One wears them with enthusiasm for a long time until a new trend comes up. There may be many factors determining shirt trends, such as popular movies, trending colors, global festivals, and so on. Having a cool shirt can do wonders when combined with the right logo placement.

Did you know that contemporary shirt printing techniques are on the rise? The clothing industry has seen a phenomenal surge. We give you a brief idea about it.

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The Emergence Of The T-shirt Industry

Any kind of investment requires justification; the same is with shirt designs. Shirts are a staple for most of us worldwide. In 2025, this sector is predicted to reach a whopping $3.2 billion, a steep jump from $2.1 billion in 2022. Because people can also have custom-made shirt designs printed on their shirts, we estimate the numbers are higher.

People across generations, cultures, and locations gladly sport shirts. Shirts can also serve as promotional items for small businesses. This is why experts expect the industry to grow by 9.8% by 2028. This industry did not see the worst of the pandemic.

Casual wear had strong dominance of t-shirts, and the demand only grew by 50%. We could say that customers adore shirt designs because of their comfort and style. It is here to stay for many years.

In this blog, we give you a sneak peek into the 38 trending shirt designs in 2023 and other interesting information about popular shirt designs.

38 Trending Shirt Designs in 2023

There are t shirt trends that keep coming and going. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends. This will ensure that you have the designs that are in high demand. It will work in your favor whichever way you use it.

Take a look at the latest shirt design 2023.

1. Nature and Conservation

trending t shirt styles

There is an increase in awareness of climate change, global warming, and natural disasters. These have helped people to highlight the issue in different ways. It’s something that individuals want to be vocal about ardently.

Whether you’re on the hunt for personalized gifts for male coworkers or surprizes for your friends, a T-shirt with that design will be perfect to make their day.

Hence, many have chosen to spread awareness through shirt designs. Wearing shirts that have prints related to conservation and nature is a great way. The opinions passively get the attention. What’s better than that?

Trending t-shirt designs don’t have to be somber. You can use humor to send a clear message about the environment. Use this latest trending shirt design and subtly make your point!

2. Text Only

Shirt Design Trends

Wondering what this can be? It means using just plain text on the shirt. It may not sound as appealing and creative but hear us out.

While intricate designs are frequently the most stunning, simplicity need not be boring. Another common trend that reflects this is text-only designs, which t-shirts have with no other imagery. The text-only fad is popular. It is expected to last for a very long time.

For example, find shirts with decorative texts as references. It looks aesthetically pleasing. Designers, on the other hand, can focus on the message. Having a text-only shirt design grabs more attention to the message.

You can find inspiration for text only from puns, jokes, and famous quotes. Use this top trending t shirt design idea to send positive messages because the world needs it much more than before!

3. Crypto Theme

trending t shirt designs

Cryptocurrency is a much-hyped thing in the past few years. It started with Bitcoin in 2009, but today we have many more variations of it. It has seen a surge in trends too.

Apparels now see designs related to cryptocurrency. It might sound strange, but keep reading. With the new cryptocurrencies and NFTs, you can integrate designs with such a theme. Look for new concepts and terms or jokes related to cryptocurrency. You may get brownie points for flaunting your knowledge on this topic too!

4. Repeated Words

new trending shirt designs

Sometimes you need to use repeated words to make your message clear. It helps the message sink in deeply. For example, using the words “iconic” or “class” 3-4 times can create an impact on others.

It’s not just about sending a message but also about creativity. Use such trending shirt styles for innovativeness and creativity.

Remember not to overdo or overcrowd the shirt design with prints everywhere. Choose an appropriate font that matches the mood and tone of the shirt. Leave some space strategically.

5. Bold Statements

latest trending shirt designs

This kind of shirt design trend was born to convey a strong message. You can use this style to stand for something important to you.

Without saying much, you can pass a message easily because we are in a time when new ways affect us more than the usual face-to-face method. It doesn’t mean people don’t have anything to say; it only means that people want to be more upfront without much argument.

Bold statements put messages across that you advocate for. Such a trend works well for a political campaign, a good social cause, or any social movement. You can come up with a catchy sentence or a phrase with a minimalistic design.

Use a font that is easy to read like Calibri or sans-serif font. If you’re looking for client gift ideas, consider t-shirts featuring this design for a significant impact.

6. Handwritten Text

trending shirt styles

Handwritten letters have always been in trend, but what about handwritten shirt designs? The year 2023 will be all about celebrating and honoring handwritten texts and drawings. Any artistic expression done by hand shows your mood and personality.

Try experimenting with vibrant colors. Bring a distinctive and fresh tone to the shirt designs that have extraordinary flair. You will get options to choose from, for handwritten designs or you can make your design and give it to professionals. Such new trending shirt designs will grab a lot of attention due to their freshness and raw appearance.

7. Arched and Flipped Text

top trending t shirt design

Let 2023 be the year of experiments and exciting trends. The years 2020 and 2021 were scary and uncertain. But we can relax now. It’s time to get shirts that have trendy typography. You can apply arched and flipped text with curvy elements of the design.

It will turn an ordinary shirt into an extraordinary one. But just using trendy stuff won’t do, you have to plan everything accurately. Remember to be precise with your vision for the shirt designs.

Hire professionals to help you with such a trend so that it works well for you. They have experience and can guide you properly.

8. Cartoons

trending shirt ideas

Who doesn’t love cartoons? The cute designs have a great effect on people. Many have used this trend in innumerable ways. No wonder it is hardly a surprise to know this trend comes on the list. We have all been inspired by cartoons on television.

Hence, 2023 sees great potential in custom cartoon illustrations. Such trending shirt ideas have an excellent way to make you stand out. Let the generic designs take a back seat. Create a clean look with cartoon images with minimalistic sleekness.

9. Pastel Colors

latest trending t shirt design

When it comes to design, the pastel color scheme is thin. It provides a charming effect plus pastels are quite a trend. Such t shirts trending design is distinguished by pastel hues on words as well as sketches and images. It is a vibrant yet understated t-shirt design style.

Pastel hues are a style that will undoubtedly be a feasible and trending design concept to apply in 2023. They work best for sentimental t-shirts. It may not be that mainstream, but you can stand out with such concepts. So go ahead and try out this trend soon!

10. Optical illusion

trending shirt designs for men

Do you quickly forget about an odd or bizarre sight you encounter, or do you give it some thought? Anything involving optical illusions grabs attention.

Consequently, an optical illusion layout may capture the attention of anybody who looks at it, beyond simply being a revived 1970s design fad. And this is the desired outcome when creating a t-shirt. Use illustrations that you are sure will draw attention.

Let people solve the problem, but do not overcomplicate things. Make it suitable but not overbearing. For instance, layer typography will work best to get a fascinating shirt design. Optical illusions are fun, and this trend is here to stay beyond 2023.

11. Retrofuturism

trending t shirt styles

Ever thought of bringing a mix of retro and futurism in a shirt design? Think of floating autos, robotic settings, futuristic cities, and space travel when creating this t-shirt design.

The 80s retro fashion and revolutionary concept has grown into this t-shirt print motif. In other words, it’s all about reflecting on how earlier generations viewed the future. Bring a different zest to life with retrofuturism on your shirt.

These are the latest trendy shirt designs and bring a geeky element to your personality. You can start by giving the design a blurry effect, retro typography, and bold imagination design with such a theme. You can also try grain brush or retro fonts.

12. Psychedelic designs

trending designer t shirts

Psychedelic designs have a special place in people’s hearts. Since 2020, the demand for such designs has only kept rising. The unique selling point of such designs is that the more strange your shirt design looks, the better.

Though visual psychedelia was present in the 70s, it made an impressive comeback. Thanks to all the wonderful artists who got quite bored during the pandemic and vented out through creative expressions.

You can find inspiration for psychedelic designs through movies, psychedelic songs, etc, and imagine a trippy pattern. Think of color explosion and creative chaos to get the right design. This is what psychedelic design is all about.

13. Tie-dye

trending shirt design

In 2023, retro-inspired t-shirt designs make a triumphant return. Complex tie-dye designs spread refreshing energy in unusual hues. Experimental new digital tie-dye patterns are a popular new way to add varied texture to images. If you are eager to use this kind of design, make sure you use a dark background to create a color pop. You can put a slogan or a phrase on top of it in a painterly manner.

Try this trending t-shirt style and make it a point to not overdo it. It creates a bad impression if the designs are not done right.

14. Multi-colored words

top trending t shirt design

The positive vibe is something we all need once in a while. This was lacking in the past few years, but not anymore.

Nothing is better than having vibrant, multicolored words as a shirt design. Bring some smiles and joy everywhere with this little gesture. This trend will be the talk of the town in 2023. To make it a successful one, have a funny positive quote printed on it. Keep the cheerful colors that uplift someone’s mood after they look at it.

For example, the combination of black, grey, or white is not a soothing one. Go for something that the general audience would love. Make the most out of such a design trend.

15. Support a cause shirt designs

trending t shirt styles

Many have faced unique challenges in their lives. They have faced injustice and inequality at some point in time. This became the source of a new trend. Shirts that started having hard-hitting quotes worked well with most people.

Several creators, influencers, and celebrities have stood up to different causes just by wearing a protest message on t-shirts. While it may not be a “trend” per se, it has many people standing together. We have examples of “Black Lives Matter”, “Smash The Patriarchy”, “Me Too”, etc.

If you choose this design trend, try expressing your message in unconventional ways. Such a shirt design trend is revolutionary in its way. For instance, having a rainbow flag printed on a shirt isn’t the best idea. Write a message with those color codes to support the LGBTQ+ community.

16. Voxel Art

latest trending shirt designs

A voxel, or 3D cube, is essentially a 2D representation of a 3D pixel. You can find Voxel art in video games like Minecraft, animation, and illustrations. It has an identifiable aesthetic that resembles lego bricks. Creating such art is perfect to get introduced to 3D modeling. It lets you experiment.

Voxel art is essentially a blend of two incredibly popular themes: simple geometric forms and 3D. It is a growing trend in graphic design.

Try this one and plan well if you are creating a business. If you have any confusion, hire a professional to make a design as they have immense knowledge about it.

17. Black And White

trending shirt design

In the past, people were obsessed with palettes that had muted monochrome. But now, this industry has taken it one step ahead. They use dark color palettes on shirts so that they look relatively less harsh than usual. Design schemes with dark backdrop help the logo or text on the shirt give a soothing appearance.

Black is a stunning combination of shirt designs. It is simple and sleek. Experiment with this trend freely as there are fewer chances of failure in execution with this one.

18. Pets on Shirts

trending shirt ideas

T-shirts having prints inspired by animals look extremely cute. It was in the trend and has only grown in years. Since nature is a hot topic, you can use your pet’s portrait on the shirt. It surprisingly has a huge influence. Influencers and celebrities use photos of their pets on their tees. They have put them on social media too.

You can try it too, and add a small message. It can be a funny photo or a hand-drawn outline. Choose this trending shirt design for men and women and make the most of it. It will surely turn some heads and capture attention.

19. Floral Designs

trending shirt designs for men

You have to believe us on this one, even if floral patterns on shirts sound like a “groundbreaking” fashion style. The notion to mimic nature, together with organic, softer earth tones, flowing lines, and gradients, fits in wonderfully.

It works well with the current fashion for delicate feminine designs. So, whether you need flowers to enhance the quote or image, the possibilities are endless. You can consider photo-real prints, botanical typefaces, watercolor prints, and blurred blooms. It will give you a million-dollar look.

20. Spiritual Aesthetics

trending t shirt designs

Spirituality has had its limelight for a long time. People who are seekers of truth, love nature, and simplicity can go for such a design trend. Since the pandemic, the demand for spiritualism has increased a lot and that may be one reason why it’s a trending design theme. Minimalism and nature-inspired look work very well together.

If you choose this one, opt for earthy colors, light and natural tones, relaxing gradients, and free-flowing lines. You can bring attention to the shirt design for donation purposes. It can be related to global warming, nature preservation, etc.

21. Bootleg Shirts

trending shirt styles

The term “bootleg” refers to an item that is sold illegally. In the fashion context, you may identify bootleg t-shirts as the ones that appear old and worn out.

The original designs were nowhere near professional. However, people started buying them for special events. Soon, such bootleg shirts became high-value items.

Bootleg style doesn’t need complex design concepts. You can make it easier. If you get your hands on such a shirt design trend, don’t forget to flaunt it with style!

22. Anime/Japanese Theme

trending designer t shirts

The list of trending shirt designs for anime t-shirts comes as a strong contender. Over the past years, they have solidified their status as a go-to look. In the USA, Japanese t-shirt fashion frequently overlaps, but it differs from anime. In that, it conjures images of traditional Japanese woodblock prints rather than contemporary anime figures.

Nevertheless, their connections are sufficient to group them. Anime works well for several individuals if they have a good design in mind. If you want to use this design trend, try talking to a professional for some shirt design ideas. They have vast knowledge in this field and can guide you easily.

23. Lettering

latest trending shirt designs

Today, sellers know that they should keep text t-shirt designs. They know it is high in demand and keep it in stock for better sales. However, lettering shirts differ. They are all about the texting style. For instance, birthday shirts for grandparents will be a hit if you use retro-style lettering. It will resonate with them more.

You can try different variations depending on the need, whether it is personal or professional. So choose according to your needs and apply this trend. Due to the rising demand, several companies can help you with shirt designing and printing. Try them and see how it goes.

24. Retro Vintage Design

trending shirt ideas

Retro vintage is another staple under the trending designer t shirts. They are trendy and classic. When you see such a design, it has an attractive and pleasing effect on the eye.

What’s more? It has wide-ranging applications. You can try it with funny images, text jokes, and so on. Sometimes it is quite effortless to put a retro sunset in the backdrop behind any text or picture. The popularity of such design trends makes it difficult to have a standing-out product.

Regardless of the result, this trend will continue in 2023. You can try this design for a different outcome than the usual ones.

25. Rainbowcore/Cottagecore/-core Aesthetic Design

trending t shirt designs

Although a little vague, aesthetics from internet picture boards frequently see its transition to physical existence. The next in line for trending shirt designs is this one. We have seen vaporwave gain a lot of attention under this trend.

Cottagecore is artistically centered around the idea of western country life. It has characteristics of nature-oriented colors such as brown, green, yellow, etc. the cottagecore also has elements of farm animals, beautiful wildflowers, pies, and cottages. For rainbowcore, the idea is to have related colors and pictures. These design trends will surely stay in 2023.

26. Minimalistic designs

latest trending shirt designs

Nowadays, minimalism is everywhere. You can see it in every field, whether it’s interior decoration, cooking technique, or fashion and style. Today the mantra is “less is more”. It is seen as elegant and classy. For shirt design trends, you will see minimalism in 2023.

The minimalistic typography texts and the stroke-style illustrations are bound to stay. You will find such trending shirts on Etsy where most of the buyers are young people instead of loud teenagers.

The advantage of such a design is that it’s easy to design. The disadvantage with this one is that one has to rack their brain quite hard to get the design right! The design concept must be novel to be successful.

27. Puns

latest trending t shirt design

A majority of the population loves puns. It is a pure classic. You must not overlook it when you create a shirt design.

All kinds of puns are extremely funny. Some awful puns turn good just because it was so bad. And then there are awkward puns that you can’t use. Make sure that you choose a suitable one that hits the right note for everyone.

While numerous puns take different forms, using comedic illustrations with a few words works quite well. The witty concept catches everyone’s eye. Applying puns on your shirts is a trend that’s here to stay for a long time.

28. Horror Shirt Design

trending shirt designs for men

Horror themes were quite popular before. But thanks to the growing number of online documentaries and horror films, it has gained more recognition. Not everybody prefers horror-themed t-shirt designs, but anyone who enjoys the genre is sure to own them.

It’s advantageous because you can virtually turn anything into a horror theme. You can make everything into a suspenseful thriller by introducing darkness to it.

This includes pets, food, sports, and even furniture. For shirts, you can try applying grimy filters, adding blood, deleting all colors from a layout, and leaving it black or gloomy. These are some simple techniques to create horror-themed shirt designs. Use this trend to your benefit and see the lovely reactions people have.

29. Retro Gaming Style

trending t shirt styles

Did you know that there is an entirely separate fan following for games only? Many years have been put into the history of the gaming world. Hence, vintage gaming t-shirt designs are a trend that won’t go away any time soon.

Retro games are fantastic, but when it comes to the purchasing process, nostalgia also plays a significant part. It’s important to note that “retro gaming” is also a design style in and of itself. In many cases, the retro games’ design is all you want, even if the subject matter is unrelated to gaming. Keep your eyes on this trend since it’s likely to gain popularity in the future.

30. Pixel Art Design

trending t shirt designs

This is the almost same as retro style designs. It is a sure-shot winner in the geeks and gaming society. It is a source of nostalgic feelings and looks cool too. If you pair pixel art with a suitable message, it can go a long way.

Creating such art is a bit difficult however, if you have a foolproof idea, invest in it without hesitations. There are several pixel art designers or PNGs who let you create a fabulous shirt design. Try them and experiment.

31. Peace

top trending t shirt design

Most countries are advocating world peace. Recent events in Eastern Europe, shootouts in schools in the USA, and the war between Ukraine and Russia have caught all the attention. But peace advocacy has been there for years.

There have been wars in different generations. But today, because of the internet, we can highlight it more. Hence, peace will be the most popular shirt design trend in 2023. You don’t have to have a serious “peace” design.

Add some humor to mock instigators while also respecting those who have suffered. Use peace symbols like white flowers, doves, or an image of a hug between two people.

32. Kitsch ’90s graphic design

Kitsch 90s graphic design

Use your memory of the 90s to create a stunning and trending t shirts design. If you are looking to be fun and joyful in your t-shirt design, kitsch ‘90s graphic design is the ultimate choice. You can put aside your sophistication and enjoy the process of creating a patchwork of joyful visual codes.

The design brings out the nostalgia of the 90s era and allows you to be the “weirder”. What makes this design more interesting? The use of different fonts!

You can never go wrong with geometric shapes, floral patterns, Comic Sans, lively colors, and 90s inspiration. Try using this graphic design on your next t-shirt print project to make some noise!

33. Punk Aesthetics

Punk aesthetics

Punk aesthetics is the latest trend in the fashion industry. The trend is characterized by heavy eye makeup, black lipstick, and an air of rebellion and uniqueness. Everything that is considered to be different, disturbing, and outrageous falls under the category of punk.

Its inception could be traced to the 70s. Since then the idea of non-conformity has been related to this fashion trend. Embrace this new trend t shirt design to showcase your rebellious idea and express your punk views.

Punk popularity is still high, and today’s fashion couture is also exploring it with an impressive and edgy look. It is an undeniable print in today’s fashion industry.

34. Surrealism


Surrealism is one of the latest t shirt trends that conquer the balance between the rational vision of life and the power of dreams or imagination. With the help of AI and modern technologies, you can push your creative limits, creating a design that would be unconventional and uncanny.

Find your inspiration for a surrealist t shirt design and put together a landscape or a piece that is dreamy and emotional, not logical. Translate your t shirt design ideas into a reality with the help of an expert designer.

Let your imagination flow and create something unique and blissful.

35. Strong Statements

Strong Statements

It is among the most popular current shirt trends that people love to flaunt. This design trend is about taking a stand and representing it through the t-shirt. The strong statement designs are bold.

While presenting a strong statement t-shirt design, you need to be clear and precise. Print a statement that you believe in and stand for it. You ought to first pick the statement and then shift your focus to the design.

Print a strong statement and inspire an important conversation through your t shirt.

36. Book-Based Designs

Book Based Designs

This is the t shirt design trend for book lovers!

If you love books, show them to the world with the best book-based designs. Your sweatshirt, hoodie, or t shirt will look good with your rocking book-based t-shirt design.

These designs are cozy, and they help you wear what you feel. Like a book? Want to support a book publisher? Visiting a library? Create your design and get it printed without any hassle.

37. Hobby Highlights

Hobby highlights

If you are looking for different kinds of trending designs for shirts, hobby highlights printing will capture your interest. It is a simple trend of spreading joy and happiness among people with similar hobbies.

You can focus on particular skills and design their placement on the t shirt. Adventure, writing, outdoor sports, or knitting-whatever hobby you need to highlight, you can design it. Pay attention to the details you need to add to the highlight.

Will it be illustrations, graphics, or only texts? Will it be colorful or a combination of various styles? Consider everything and print your creative interpretation on a t shirt.

38. Black and White Prints

Black White Prints

Black and white prints never go out of trend. People who love these two colors are numerous. Prints of black and white are the most popular shirt designs. It is sure to create a huge appeal and encourage more people to wear it.

The black and white design duo is a classic combo and a mesmerizing one too. You can select a particular design to be printed in white ink on a black t shirt or vice versa. Printing abstract designs, letters, sentences, or even a well-planned creation works wonders for you.

If you love this classic duo combination, plan your t shirt design with this latest trend and achieve a successful campaign/project.

Further reading: You can explore the best t shirt and ink color combinations that aligns perfectly with the latest trends.

We have mentioned the top trending shirt design that will continue in 2023. There are many more trends that are rising at an unbelievable pace. But for now, these are enough for you. Now let’s learn some more about shirt designs in this blog.

Why Are Printed Shirts More Popular Than Ordinary Ones?

Printed shirts are generally more expensive than ordinary ones, but they are much more durable and high-quality. Some prefer wearing shirts that are long-lasting because the normal ones get scraggly. You can purchase ordinary shirts because of their pricing but in the end, they will turn into a wiping cloth. Printed shirts have several functions.

You can use it to look sophisticated and rich. Find these shirts in different patterns, lengths, collars, sleeves or necks, etc. Try printed shirts with different neck types such as V-neck, polo neck, round neck, etc.

When Does A Brand Require A Custom Shirt Design?

Every business and creative nowadays has its product line to support the growth of its company. Their sole purpose was to sell their product or service. But those days are gone when selling a product/service was the only goal of the shirt design industry.

Custom shirt designs can make a difference in brands. But when? Read ahead to know.

1. Employee Branding

When you want to go for employee branding, use custom shirt designs. You must take full advantage of each marketing opportunity, whether you are the owner of a tiny firm or a large corporation. What is the most effective marketing strategy? With inbound marketing, clients approach you. This is made feasible by the use of two strategies: word of mouth and referrals. Both of these are accessible through employee branding.

When employees use company shirt designs, they feel connected to the brand. The employees become a source of positive brand exposure when they talk about the company. These cannot happen through regular marketing tools.

2. Customer Loyalty

If you want good brand loyalty, a trendy custom shirt design can help you. Create a relationship with your one-time customers to ensure they return. You want your relationship to get past the transactional phase, correct?

Therefore what contributes to the formation of strong ties and a sense of belonging? Custom T-shirts, indeed. And it’s nothing new either. So design a shirt and get going!

3. Event Promotion

If you host a lot of events, shirts with logo design are the best way to spread the name. Posters and flyers no longer work as people forget them quite fast. Shirts are one way to promote an event. People do wear such shirts at home or at informal gatherings. The launch and distribution of shirts create a strong brand presence.

It has the potential to bring returns. The event can be of any type, all you need to do is have a shirt with a beguiling logo design. T-shirts can be used as company swags to boost your event promotion strategy even further.

4. Product Promotion

Some brands use all their resources to promote a product. A lot of effort and time goes into it. However the obvious is often overlooked. If you want your product to gain the spotlight, treat it like a superstar.

Launch a line of products and use that to advertise its USP, benefits, and value proposition. You’re not required to sell those. Include it as your freebie during the product launch. Through the product launch, you have people as walking billboards too!

Why Will Trending Shirt Designs Conquer The Market In 2023?

There are several reasons why trending shirt designs will conquer the market in 2023. We have listed down a few reasons; it will help you understand the value and practice of shirt design.

Here are some reasons listed below-

1. Branding

Every year we see lots of businesses begin their journey. This becomes a bit challenging for existing companies as they get less attention. The audience gets drifted away.

To spread the word and grab attention, creating company shirts is the best idea. The logo and information on the shirt about the brand help companies gain brand awareness.

The communication becomes friendly and casual in this way. Shirts with company design have a higher chance to get noticed. This is one way of branding.

2. Boost Team Spirit

Companies now know the value of creating good company culture. Boosting team spirit has several advantages. To increase team spirit, custom shirts are a great way to increase emotional bonds.

It gives a sense of unity and increases motivation in the team. There is also commitment among employees to reach their goals. There is a high chance that the team would feel good and start working better.

3. Increase Loyalty

Clients just usually click away due to the high level of competition. After many days and years of effort, businesses gain consumer loyalty. According to studies, clients remain with businesses that have provided them with a positive experience.

As a result, some businesses started offering free shirts. This aids businesses in gaining new clientele and retaining existing ones. This is a method of fostering consumer loyalty.

4. Create Fashion Quotient

Have custom and trending shirt designs to show off your brand’s style. Research the recent trends and incorporate them into your shirts. Flaunt them with confidence and make some heads turn.

Try to set your shirt design in a way that stands out very well. Creating a fashion quotient through the shirt design of your brand may make a huge difference in sales. This is because you are putting up an image that people are now curious about.

5. Off-the-clock Marketing

If you want to do something different and simple, try this one. Custom shirts for brand recognition are a great marketing tool. It is free and off-the-clock too. But what do we mean by off-the-clock marketing? It is when marketing of certain products or services is done outside of office hours.

Well-designed shirts will gain eyes if done correctly, anytime and anywhere. Customers and employees can wear them if the designs are attractive. It helps in creating a robust brand identity.

6. Inexpensive

Did you know that designing shirts for your brand is quite cost-effective? It is a terrific way to promote a business. Compared to other advertising tools, such as television, hoarding, etc, shirt designing is a lot cheaper. A high-quality t-shirt has a greater shelf life, which aids the brand in maintaining visibility. Shirt demand has soared as a result.

Trending Shirt Designs- Follow The 10 Tips To Get Better Results

By now, we know what shirt designs are trending. Anybody can appreciate a good T-shirt design. But what characteristics do people look for in an appealing design? Even though some designs look easy, even the simplest of designs must avoid tiny errors to be excellent.

Here are 10 tips to gain better results from your shirt designs-

1. Understand The Audience

Every company has a target audience. It doesn’t mean the entire target audience is the one for your shirt design project. Do a little research and know your audience and then design a shirt. Perhaps there is a section of a consumer base you’d like to give attention to. If that’s the case, then design accordingly.

Keep the shirt type, size, color, imagery, etc in mind. Make sure the design is such that the audience loves wearing it frequently. This will create better marketing goals.

2. Designs Should Match The Intention

After determining your audience, focus on that objective or intention as well. Your T-shirt design may come out pretty unsatisfactory if you try too many things. Hence narrowing down the intent would be good.

Intention can vary from business to business. The common ones are loyalty or brand awareness as some of the intentions. Based on the intention, create a design team to set up a visual hierarchy.

3. Set A Modest Print Size

Size is an important aspect of design. An extremely common error is when people set a standard size for everything. One should avoid it because it can be too large for most designs. the “one size fits all” is a wrong notion.

So pay attention to the size. Look at the trending shirt designs and get some ideas. Remember, that size should serve the shirt’s purpose. Make sure the garment type and design character fit properly.

Some shapes and sizes look much better when they are smaller than the standard size. It’s not just about the height and width of the print, but the total surface area.

4. Color Selection

Color selection depends on the company’s product and service. Remember, that more colors mean more cost. There are endless choices for colors but if you use them for businesses and corporate sectors, colors become restrictive.

Feature colors that reflect your brand or product. Work with a design team to select monochrome, contemporary or analogous colors. Have design variations with different colors and then conclude.

5. Font And Typography Selection

The visual display of words is a simple form of typography (do not confuse it with font). Typography exists whenever text is printed or presented, whether the result is good or negative. Whereas font is the style of the text, it isn’t typography.

For tending shirt designs, think carefully about spaces, the interaction of words, graphic elements, etc. Use arrangements and font choices that evoke emotions.

6. Placement Of The Print

Print location and print placement are two different things. Print placement is the precise measurement of where to put the design inside the print location. Many individuals don’t know the technicalities of these things.

For example, a common error is belly print, which doesn’t work well. If there is still some confusion, let the professionals handle it for you. They have years of experience and will do it properly.

7. Image Quality

The most common problem with images is their resolution. If the image is of a low-quality resolution, expect a pixelated outcome. Low resolution means that the picture doesn’t have sufficient pixel information to give the necessary details and quality.

Without the information, the print quality comes out bad. Images should ideally be 200 dpi or more. We can say that 300 dpi is perfect. Pictures from the web are 72 dpi. It is not an ideal size for print.

Another aspect of image quality is compression. Hence, high resolution and original images are the keys to a good quality image.

8. Avoid Over-Complexity

The phrase “keep it simple” should be used where appropriate. It applies greatly to shirt designs. This is because the human eye can process only a specific quantity of information. In one go, people cannot grasp much. That’s why overdoing designs will only prove to be a mistake.

It is common to get carried away when it comes to creativity. You tend to use weird compositions and angles and it becomes a huge mess. Therefore, try keeping it simple.

9. Think Templates

You’ll discover that you require branded T-shirt designs constantly once you start making them. They might be for brand-new goods, services, promotions, or personnel. Building templates provide consistency in branding and shorten the printing turnaround time. It also preserves a successful method for choosing typefaces, colors, and other design elements.

Utilizing templates makes experimenting simpler. This is because you only need to focus on one variable rather than creating the entire design from start. So think about templates while designing the shirts.

10. Borders, Edges, and Layouts

The borders of a photo that is simply laying on a shirt might seem cheap, basic, or even unprofessional. Placing a border around it is an easy fix. The choices for borders and margins are many. The simplest solution, which can quickly improve the appearance, is a narrow white or black border.

You might not, however, want it to be a big square. The “mask” option in it may offer you a range of shapes to pick from, which can be used in such a situation.

Regal, Fun, And Trending Shirt Designs Are On Your Way!

It’s never too late to start something new. For you to know well what t shirts are trending for personal or business use, we’ve got you covered.

These trends will surely work well for you. There are several factors involved in making a perfect design. It could be the print quality, shirt quality, order size, etc.

If you are looking forward to printing a memorable and unique shirt design, you can count on Tampa Clothing. Begin your journey now!

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Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.