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Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks | Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks |
Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks | Current Design Time = 7 Days | Current Production Time After Artwork Approval & Final Order = 2 to 3 Weeks |
Custom Shirt design

Custom Shirt Design | The Ultimate Guide

Custom shirts are the trendiest things today! Whether it’s promoting your brand or making a family event or friends’ reunion unforgettable, a custom shirt idea is something that works perfectly.

Whatever is your purpose to print a custom design shirt, the underlying reason always remains the same! It helps you to spread your message in a way that everyone remembers it. People will easily recall your brand name, products, or services whenever one of your employees walks around a street wearing a custom-designed merchandised shirt.

A family event or friends’ get-together feels more jovial with a strong sense of togetherness when everyone is wearing the same printed shirts.

Needless to say, custom shirts add to your brand impression and foster unity among the members of a group. Custom shirt design is also a fabulous idea for gifting. You can gift it to someone special with a personalized text or image that relates to the person.

Non-profit events, fundraisers, trade shows, corporate meets, and annual events- all these are creating demand for custom T-shirts today! It helps to create an ever-lasting impression on the audience and send a common message.

While thousands of brands today are adopting the idea of using personalized business shirts, you might be wondering how to print them. Whether the procedure is complex? What are the steps? How much it will cost? Well, this blog has got you covered! It presents a thorough guide on printing custom shirt designs and making them successful for your branding or special purpose.

Table of Contents

What are Custom Shirts?

Custom shirts are a fashionable way for individuals to express a thought or send a message to the masses. While individuals have been using the concept of custom T-shirts pretty well in family occasions, group events, or gifting, businesses are the ones that are really profiting from it. It is helping them to reap great rewards by advertising their brand through the employees or by selling the shirts as merchandise to the customers.

To put it simply, custom T-shirts are personal apparels where one can have their own design idea printed on them. For businesses, it is one of the marketing collaterals that make use of humans i.e. employees or customers and help promote their brand.

When it comes to custom shirts, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is how they are made. They are made using different apparel printing techniques such as DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing, screen printing, heat press printing, and dye sublimation.

5 Top Benefits of Printing Custom Shirts

Individuals, brands, community groups, non-profits, and event organizers are using the potential of custom shirt design for its widespread usefulness. Considering all the benefits will also make you feel the need for tailored t-shirt printing for your business, personal group, or family event. Here are they.

1. Creates brand awareness

Most companies use T-shirts to raise awareness about their brand in the market. While different marketing collaterals like P-O-S posters, flyers, banners, email newsletters, etc. have a limited reach to their audience, custom-made shirts literally have no limits to that. You get your brand name or message put out whenever the employees wearing the shirt interact with customers, travel or walk around a road, make deliveries (for eCommerce brands), attend seminars or business meets, or receive guests.

2. Fosters unity or team bonding

Providing customized shirts as the uniform to your group members for an event will cultivate a sense of unity and togetherness. It makes them feel proud to be a part of your event. Wearing the same shirt together makes them feel proud, happy, and confident. It ensures their active participation in the event creating a remarkable impression on the audience and making it a huge success.

Similarly, companies that give their employees personalized tee shirts foster team spirit. They consider the shirt as a gesture for the company to accept them as their employees. It makes them feel valued as a part of the company and motivates them to do better or dedicate more to help in the growth of the company. You can also make use of custom design tees or t-shirts for celebrating grand events at your company like annual events, award events, corporate seminars, and placement drives to show the uniformity of your team.

3. Useful as a merchandise products

This is probably one of the common reasons for businesses to print customized shirts. They can give them away as merchandised products to customers, employees, and business partners. This makes them feel inspired to be associated with the company and contribute more to its success.

You can either give them as customized corporate gifts or you can charge a minimal selling price. Having the brand name, logo, or message imprinted on the shirts, they will be willing to purchase it as a souvenir. So, isn’t it a great way to make your brand memorable to people? Many times, those who haven’t yet bought your products will think of buying them to appreciate your gesture of giving them merchandised T-shirts. In short, you can both spread the word about your brand as well as enhance your sales potential.

4. Makes promotional affordable

While major traditional and digital promotional tools are costlier, custom designing your own shirt will turn into an affordable marketing medium for your business. It just needs a one-time investment i.e., the cost of printing the shirts and but its impact on marketing is huge. It gives you more reach and leaves an impression of your brand whenever anyone wearing your custom shirt goes around the streets or at public events.

Unlike billboards, window displays, and posters, T-shirts do not advertise your brand in a specific place. So, custom shirt printing can work as a powerful marketing medium, which costs much less compared to other marketing strategies like TV ads, newspaper ads, billboards, and other outdoor ads.

5. More recognizable

No doubt, custom company shirts are more recognizable than any other merchandise ideas! Of course, those shirts have more mileage or ability to reach the general public unlike a merchandised coffee mug, bottle, or diary. Besides, customers get a glimpse of your brand name or logo printed on the shirts of your salespersons or delivery executives.

It makes your brand memorable due to the human touch present in it. Thus, customers can easily recognize your company whenever they see your logo or brand name anywhere later.

Getting Your Custom Shirts Made

To get your custom shirts made, you need to gather ideas about different printing methods. Different printing methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Know them to decide which method will be suitable for making your custom shirt.

1. Screen printing

This is one of the most conventional methods of custom shirt printing but is the most common technique still used today. In this method, the stenciled design is transferred to the fabric surface with ink, a squeegee, and a mesh screen.

Screen printing has been quite successful for tailor-made shirts because it is cost-effective and can print shirts faster, in bulk.

The designs are durable and of high-quality and so appear clearer on all colored shirts. The biggest disadvantage of this technique is that it does not allow more than 6 colors on the design. Also, every time you want to make changes in the design, you need a new screen.

2. Vinyl graphics printing

This is a heat transfer printing method where the design is printed on a vinyl sheet. The sheet is cut into the shape of the design and fused on the cloth surface with heat.

This is one of the finest techniques and helps in printing the best custom T-shirts. It prints high-quality images that last long and allows multicolor work. So, you can create lucrative shirt designs with this. However, this is not a feasible option for mass printing because it is costly. Price rises when you use more colors.

Many people find it challenging to choose between heat transfer and screen printing. If you’re facing the same dilemma, you can explore our in-depth guide on ‘Screen Printing vs Heat Press‘ to clear any doubts.

3. DTG printing

DTG or Direct-to-garment printing is quite like the process of paper printing that allows the inkjet to apply directly on the cloth. However, it currently trending to print personalized T-shirts.

This method also allows multiple colors on the design, even more than 6. The designs appear clearer and brighter, especially on darker-colored shirts.

This method is great for a smaller number of orders but not for bulk printing as it will then raise the total costs. This is ideal for printing custom ink shirts for family occasions or friends’ events.

Further reading: DTG vs DTF: which printing method to choose?

Different Types of Custom Shirt Designs

Like the design, the type and fabric of the shirt also leave an impression on the audience. For instance, made of polyester which is not a breathable material will make your shirts looker cheaper and might not create any impression on the audience.

Apart from the material, there are many other factors like neckline design, fit, and sleeves that you should consider for designing your customized shirts.

If you are planning to create your own custom shirt and have got an eye-popping design idea for it, first learn about the types of the shirt and decide which one to use.

1. Material type

Common types of materials that are used for custom shirt design are cotton, poly-cotton, tri-blend, and polyester. Cotton is the ultimate comfortable material while poly cotton is also better which is a polyester and cotton blend. It has a cool texture and looks quite breathable.

Tri-blend shirt is made by combining three materials- cotton, polyester, and rayon. It is more soft and comfy than cotton and hence, is perfect for giveaways, event wear, and employee uniforms. Polyester, on the other hand, is not at all airy and is also a moisture-resistant material. Since it is not at all breathable, it is only better to use for T-shirts that will be worn a single time or for rare occasions such as annual events.

2. Features

Apart from the material, what else you need to check is the features that will really help your custom shirts to stand out. For instance, shirts with pockets are always better. You can then choose custom embroidered shirts that will look better as attires for the occasional event. Then, there are shirts with moisture-wicking material, cropped shirts, and ringspun that can give your custom shirts a whole new look!

3. Neckline

The neckline is a key characteristic of T-shirts or tees. Different necklines can make the shirts look interesting even if they are simple in design and are of a common color. Moreover, the necklines such as hooded and Henley can uplift the style of your shirts and make one look cool. For a sober or gentle look, you can choose shirts with V-neck or rounded check.

Some of the other necklines that are better for custom company shirts or event shirts are Mock neck, Ringer, Polo, and Scoop. Choose the neckline according to your purpose of creating your personalized shirt designs. For instance, custom polo shirts look like formal attire and are ideal for corporate seminars or business workshops.

4. Sleeves

Sleeve style and sleeve length are also major features that you should consider for personalized T-shirts. Different sleeve styles go with different necklines and the fit of the shirts. Dolman, baseball, and set-in are some of the common sleeve styles that go with custom shirt designs for men or women.

You should also consider sleeve length depending on factors like weather conditions and the style sense or persona of the target customers. There are short sleeves, full sleeves, and 3/4th sleeves. Custom long sleeve shirts provide great comfort and are usually ideal for events during winter or in cold climatic regions.

5. Fit

When it comes to choosing the fit of your shirts, you can get confused among the various options for fit such as relaxed fit, fitted, semi-fitted, slim fit, and heavyweight. Here again, consider who will be the target customers or users of your shirts.

If both men and women are your target users, choose relaxed fit or semi-fit. If you want to make a custom shirt design for women, choosing slim fit is advisable as they provide a tailored fit to the curved body shape of women and make them look extremely good.

6. Eco-friendly

Many companies look for cheaper eco-friendly or affordable options for custom screen print shirts, especially when they have to print in bulk quantities. Recycled cotton shirts are made from used/second-hand clothes or leftovers from textile manufacturing.

Similarly, there are recycled PET shirts that are made from recycled wastes like plastic bottles and are quite sustainable.

However, these are not perfect materials to use as employee uniforms or merchandised apparel or custom business apparel that is worn regularly. Such cheap custom t-shirts are apt for one-time and low-budget events such as fundraisers, community events, etc.

How to Choose the Right Custom Shirt Design for Your Business

With myriad options available, it is possible to get confused when you need to make your own shirts. However, do not forget to consider the three things to make a wise choice- event or purpose, time to get it, and who will be wearing it.

1. Pick the right fabric

The first step to creating custom shirts is choosing the fabric or material! You definitely do not want your employees or customers to feel uncomfortable wearing the shirts. Since there are varieties of material choices available out there, learn about them and know the differences to pick your type. Also, the cost of your custom shirt printing will differ according to the material type. Thereby, you should go for materials according to your budget.

2. Get the proper fit

After choosing the material type, it is time to select the proper fit for your shirts. To choose the right fit, get familiar with the different fits and visualize which one will go well with your custom design. For instance, regular-fit shirts are perfect for a large front design.

Getting the right fit is also requisite if you want to make unisex tees. In that case, you have to choose semi-fit or regular-fit shirts that will flatter all body shapes and figures.

3. Make your custom design

Here comes the key step to designing your own custom shirt. While there are many best custom shirt design websites that can help you get a design for your corporate uniform or merchandise items, there’s a much better way to get that.

There are pro designers creating designs for personalized tees for men and women, with their intricate skills and creative ideas.

Being specialized in designing shirts, they can understand your idea better and come up with several design concepts. They will provide a design that’s finally appropriate for your brand purpose or event cause. So, why go for a custom shirt design maker online when you can have professionals for the same? Just share your purpose for printing the shirts, what type of shirts you wish to get designed, and what message you want to convey through its custom design.

4. Get the design uploaded

Once you have finalized the design for your custom shirts, it is time to upload the design and perceive how it will fit on your chosen shirt. Most professional designers do that using a custom shirt design online tool where they can visualize how the design will look on your shirt with particular color and style.

Through these tools, they also see how the design will look on the front side and adjust the size of the design accordingly. In this step, they seek to locate the design in an appropriate position and in the right size and choose the contrast of the shirt color that will make the design pop out.

You can explore our detailed guide on choosing the best t shirt and ink color combinations that will make you stand out in the crowd.

5. Print your shirt

Here, comes the final step i.e., printing your custom shirt design in bulk quantities and making them ready for use by your employees or customers. For printing, first, you have to decide the type of printing you want to use. The most common type used for shirt printing in bulk is screen printing. It is common because it is also cost-effective.

Also, there are benefits of screen printing. The colored ink is placed through mesh stencils in different layers and helps in creating the design beautifully. In this technology, the ink dries pretty fast and looks bright on darker fabrics.

However, there are many other ways of printing shirts which include Vinyl graphic printing and DTG printing.

The Process of Custom Shirt Design

While custom shirt design is quite a tempting idea for businesses to increase their brand reach, many think it’s complicated to actually implement the idea. From choosing an appropriate shirt color and fabric to designing your own shirt with perfectly contrasting inks, there are many things to do to get striking T-shirts printed. So, if you have no idea how to make a custom shirt design from a scratch, the following step-by-step guide will help you.

1. Identify the purpose of printing your custom shirts

You must have decided to create your custom shirts considering a motive behind it. So, before starting to design your own shirt, establish your goal for it. Whether you need it for personal wear, for gifting, for selling as merchandised items, or for advertising your business, decide what you need to print your shirts.

The purpose helps you know the fundamentals of the design. If it’s for your personal wear, the design should reflect your personality. If it’s for a corporate event/family event, the design should include the motto or cause of the event. For branding or merchandise purposes, create the t-shirt design incorporating your brand theme, logo, and related elements so that there’s consistency with your brand.

The quantity of shirts that you need to print also depends on your goal behind printing. If they will be used for merchandise selling, an event, or promotion of your business, then you should choose the bulk printing option. On the other hand, if you need them for printing shirts for a family event or personal use, you need to print only a few shirts.

2. Think creatively to come up with a design

There are many best custom shirt websites that come up with designs for T-shirts as soon as you feed the text and idea that you want to get printed. But, it is never worth using in brand merchandise and so your company T-shirts.

Generally, those T-shirt design online mediums are useful for personal printing, i.e., selecting a gift for your male coworker or gifting a loved person where you want to simply print the person’s own photograph or his favorite pet.

Online bots can never provide you with a unique or stunning design like a professional graphic designer. So, brainstorm ideas and try to come up with something creative for your T-shirt. At this step, think about what you want to convey to the audience through your T-shirts. You can search for trending shirt design ideas, recent fashion styles, and shirt merchandise of popular companies to get some inspiration and get a great idea stroked in your mind. Popular places from where you can gather inspiration are Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Decide the key visual factors

Once you have established the design to put in your customized shirts, it’s time to decide the key visual factors i.e., where to place the design, what will be the shirt’s design, and what will be the color of the shirt. Also, decide the typography and colored ink to use.

While all these seem easier, it takes a lot of time to decide all these factors. Decide on each of the factors based on your creative design. Picking the color of the shirt is the most challenging part! It should be in good contrast with the color or colors of the design so that it pops out! You can follow the wheel color theory to find a perfect contrast between the shirt color and design colors.

When you have finalized how the design will look, decide where you should put the design, whether it will be a pocket print, across the center/front, a large back print, and or a large front print. So, based on where you are placing it, you get an idea about the size of your T-shirt design. Also, choose the type of shirt you to use among the various designs such as polo T-shirts, round neck tees, V-neck tees, or custom long-sleeve shirts.

4. Hire custom shirt designers

When you have established everything about your custom shirt design, it is time to hire a professional custom shirt designer and realize your dream of making your own shirt. Getting help from a professional design team is recommended because they have gathered expertise over years.

Their talented designers can really come up with an outstanding design for your shirt that will stand out in the crowd. They have clear design concepts and also update their skills from time to time with the latest design trends. So, they can come up with something unique after evaluating your brand purpose, theme, goals, or event theme.

Hiring professional designers will not just help you create custom shirts that look brilliant but also help in printing them. They have several contacts with local printing agencies and can help you find an appropriate agency that can print your custom shirts flawlessly.

5. Get your custom shirts printed

At the final stage, you need to decide the type of printing technique you need to use for your custom team shirts or company shirts. Amongst the different techniques available, decide on the one that is fast and cost-efficient for your custom T-shirt designs. Both the costs and time to print mainly depend on the number of shirts you want to print. Other factors that will determine your cost of printing are the type of shirt and fabric chosen for it.

If you are truly serious about getting customized shirts for your employees or the members of your group/family before an event, follow these inevitable steps and get the best custom T-shirts designed for your purpose.

What Makes a Great Custom Shirt Design?

There’s no apparel more versatile than T-shirts. Also, most people are comfortable with them and they can be worn for almost all types of events and seasons. That’s why businesses as well as individuals choose to make their own shirts to sell or gift. Getting shirts with a custom design will not just help you stand out but also help you advertise your brand or spread your message.

By now, you might have understood how to make a custom shirt design. But, to make great customized shirts for your employees or your special person, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Get the best T-shirt style

Polo, short or full-sleeved, crew-necks, slim fit, crop style, and many more styles are there to choose from. To choose the one that will be best for your T-shirt, consider the preference of your target users. Determine that after evaluating the age group and demographic factors of the target audience. Also, you should choose the material or fabric of your shirt after deciding on the printing technique. The fabric must be compatible with the technique.

2. Select the right print size

Just any size of print on the blank shirt will not look great! When it is to print custom shirts, the size of the design matters! It shouldn’t be too small or too huge in size. For choosing a size that best fits with the shirt, consider the characteristics of the design. If the design contains squares and circles, it looks better as small. If there are fonts or text, the size should be a bit larger.

A key rule of thumb here is to keep the design size moderate so that people find it casual and classy to wear. Also, avoid extra-large sizes, even if the design demands it. It weighs down the lighter fabric of the shirt and reduces its breathability.

3. Use simple and easy-to-read typo

An expert tip to make your design simple yet appealing is to use the usual typography that is easy to read. What’s the point in creating a lucrative design in your shirt if people cannot perceive your brand message or event cause? While combining several types of fonts will make the design look better, make sure to use only readable fonts. Also, while choosing the fonts consider the layout of the texts so that it goes well with the icons or images used in the design.

4. Placement of the design

Different designs look good in different positions on the T-shirt. For instance, most asymmetrical designs need to be put in the center to be visually appealing. A small design that includes just the name or an image can look good on the chest. However, if the design is too tall, it’s better to adjust its width and place it in the front center vertically ensuring the right distance gap from the collar and bottom hem.

Taking care of these few vital things will help you make your shirt design look visually interesting and raise the chances of people wearing it. Whatever design you choose, make sure that there’s harmony between the design, type of shirt, and color of the fabric.

5. Ordering Your Custom Shirt

If you are in need of custom design shirts, seek a professional designer and then get them printed in the desired quantities. Take a look at the brief steps to get your shirts ordered and printed.

6. Do research to find the right team of designer

While there are a lot of professional designing agencies providing services of custom shirt designing, do some research to find the right team that understands your design concept and the purpose of designing the shirts. If you have found such an agency and their service charges meet your budget, place the order for your custom T-shirts.

7. Communicate with the design team

No matter how professional the team of designers is, you should not forget to stay in touch with them until they hand over the final design to you. Negotiate with the team while hiring. They should agree to share samples of the design at every stage and take your feedback to ultimately come up with a one-of-a-kind design.

8. Get the right files from the designer

As soon as the designing agency provides you with the final design and you confirm them, ask them to provide you with the right file formats. You should get the design in vector formats, i.e., Adobe Illustrator, PDF, and EPS. Also, the format depends on the type of printer you will use for printing. So, remember to get the design delivered in multiple formats.

The Cost of Custom Shirt Design

Many business houses or individuals feel hesitant to print custom design shirts because they assume it’s costly. Having their own design imprinted on apparel is something that they have never thought of before! So, when it is actually possible, they might burn a hole in their pockets. However, the true picture is exactly the opposite.

The cost of getting a personalized design for your shirt is quite affordable if you know how to do it. The pro tip is to hire qualified designers who have expertise in creating custom designs for apparel, cars, posters, and marketing materials.

Further reading: explore the best marketing materials for small businesses in our detailed guide.

Talented professionals will not just get your requirement well but also have the skills to deliver them within a given time and budget.

Apart from the designers’ fees, you might be concerned about the cost of printing personalized tees or t-shirts. To estimate that, remember these two decisive factors.

  • Quantity– The cost of the custom shirts directly depends on the number of shirts you want for your purpose. But, like anything in the world, the more your buy, the lower the average cost of the shirts gets. If you buy one or in small batches, the shirt price will be quite like the retail price or more than that. But, when you order in bulk, it will keep the price lower for each shirt.
  • Material– Of course, the type of material or fabric of the shirt you choose for your custom shirt will determine its costs. For instance, choosing polycotton or polyester will give make cheap custom t-shirts, whereas cotton and tri-blend shirts will make the shirts costlier.
  • Type of printing method– Depending on how you want to place your design on the shirt, you can choose between various printing methods including old-style screen printing, sublimation, DTG (Direct-to-garment), and embroidery printing. Each of them needs different tools, artistry, care, and experience and hence, the costs vary for each.
  • Shipping– If you’re ordering your custom shirt design online or from a shop located outside your locality, an additional charge will be required for shipping the shirts which will raise your total cost.

5 Tips for Success in Custom T-Shirt Printing

If you have a custom shirt printing idea in mind for your business, family event, or group occasion and want to make the idea a huge success, here are some proven tips for you. We applied this to our shirt design services and it turned out that each of our customers was happier.

1. Use a moderate print size

The person or company who wants to get custom shirts printed just has a design concept in mind. They just share it will the designers. It is the job of the designers to give life to their concept and make it visual in the shirts. So, they need to decide how the design will fit and in what size of shirts. Most companies or persons will say that standard size will be best. But, there is no one-size-fits-all concept for shirts. It is the designers who should decide what size is suitable for your shirt after finalizing the design.

2. Getting the designed printed in the right way

The same design will look different when placed in front across the middle and placed in the top center across the chest. A graphic or imagery design will look better in the former position whereas a lettered design will look better in the top center across the chest. People generally do not have any idea about this. It is the designers who should suggest where the design will look great.

3. Fonts and typography

While you have a text or message to print on the shirts, the designers should take extra care in choosing the fonts and typography for it. The fonts matter a lot. It speaks a lot about the design. A simplistic font like Arial or Berlin Sans is ideal if you want the shirts to look professional as it makes the design look clearer.

4. Choose the right composition

By composition, it means placing all the elements of the design including text, icons, images, or logo and in the shirt so that the design looks whole. Again, the designers are responsible for getting the composition right. They should align and arrange each of the items in a way that looks smoothly placed in the shirt and not forced.

5. Proper image quality

The quality of the design drops when it gets printed on shirts, no matter what printing technique you choose. It mostly becomes pixelated. That’s why providing high-quality image is necessary. The image design should be preferably between 200 dpi and 300 dpi.

Custom Shirts Made Easy By Tampa Clothing

If you want to take your business promotions to the next level with custom-printed shirts, our seasoned designers at Tampa Clothing will help you get outstanding shirts printed. We are not just experts who can provide you with an amazing design after listening to your need but will also get them delivered in no time. Here’s what makes us one of the top custom designers in the USA.

  • Talented designers– Our designers have been proficient in custom shirt designing for years and hence, have a sharp knowledge of graphic design concepts and apparel design trends.
  • Easy order process– With us, you will experience no hassle in ordering your custom shirts. Just reach us and share your idea. Our team will get started working on it.
  • No minimum order– Whether you need to order just a shirt or a bulk of it, we will deliver them!
  • Quality materials– We make sure to use high-quality comfortable materials for the shirts that are locally sourced from manufacturers in the USA. We promise to deliver quality shirts with durable prints while ensuring the affordability of our customers.
  • Full-scale support– From conceptualizing a design, aptly placing it in the shirt, and getting the printed shirts manufactured, we do everything.

Tampa Clothing: Your Right Partner for Custom Shirt Design

While wearing custom T-shirts look fun, getting them designed is a challenging and time-consuming experience. Hopefully, you have understood that through this extensive guide. It takes a lot of planning and a supportive design agency to get the right combination of shirt and design for your purpose.

Whether you need to print shirts in bulk for your employees or a group event, Tampa Clothing will get tailor-made shirts designed that will steal the attention of the masses. For a custom shirt design that is stylish and out-of-the-box, reach our experts today and share your idea!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a custom shirt cost?

The cost of a custom shirt primarily depends on the material type and printing technology used. On average, the price of a custom shirt ranges between $119 and $450.

2. How do I design my own T-shirt?

You can design your shirt with a custom t-shirt maker which houses professional designers. They will give a range of design options based on your idea and preferences and you have to choose one.

3. How do I order custom shirts for my group?

To place an order for custom shirts for your group before an event, visit a local shirt-designing agency or contact them. Share your requirements regarding the design, shirt material, and quantity. They will get them designed and printed within a given time.

4. Can I order different shirt colors with the same design?

Yes, it is possible to order different shirt colors with the same design if you go to a specialized custom shirt design company. They are ready to offer varieties of shirt colors and design combinations and so you can choose different combinations for your event.

5. What is the difference between screen printing and digital printing?

In screen printing, one color is printed at a time, whereas digital printing can process four colors in one pass. The former method is cost-effective, time-efficient, and hence suitable for large-quantity printing. Digital printing is suitable for one or a few shirts and especially when you want a detailed design to get printed.

6. How do I get started designing my own shirts?

It’s simple! Just get in touch with a professional design agency and share the purpose of designing your T-shirts. They will get started working on your design.

7. What apparel options can I choose from?

When it comes to printing personalized designs, T-shirts or tees are the best apparel options to choose from.

8. How is the cost of my order calculated?

The cost of your custom shirt is calculated based on the fabric/material type, shirt style, printing method required for your design, and quantities of shirts you need.

9. When will I receive my custom shirt order?

Once you have placed the order for your custom shirts, the process of designing and printing will typically take a week or a little more. If you have ordered in bulk, the printing will take time. Mostly, the turnaround time for bulk custom shirt printing is around 2 weeks.

Shipping / Returns

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